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    Air Assault Foam Build

    This is a pretty awesome build and it's coming along really fast! How long did it take you to do all of your foam parts?
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    First Run. Halo Reach Eod helmet, pepakura/resin.

    Looks nice and it's your first run! Impressive! You could do with some body filler to make it smooth.
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    PIC HEAVY. Awsome Custom Halo Reach Foam Armor. Getting Ready For Anime LA!!!!!

    Drool. Is a heat knife necessary or can I get clean cuts using a knife and scissors?
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    Halo 4 Trailer Snapshots

    Hasn't it been confirmed that the armour change will be explained in the game?
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    Killjoy's emile armour build (Pic heavy)

    I'm tempted to, I don't know whether I will yet. I'm not new to amour building but thanks for offering help, I was halfway through an odst last year for mcm but more important matters crept up so I couldn't get it finished. Maybe I could finally do a whole suit! I think theres someone else...
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    Killjoy's emile armour build (Pic heavy)

    Someone from the UK! I might be going to MCM this year, no idea if I'll build an armour too. Great build so far. I'll be watching this.
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    Carpathia's Halo 3 Odst W.i.p.

    Thats your first pep? damn i wish mine looked as clean as that :D nice job! ill be watching this space ;D
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    P0Rtalman's Weta Odst Progress Updated 15/10

    I saw these on Deviantart (: Nice progress your making! I hope i finish my odst helmet soon so i can start on the shins.
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    Odst Weta Landfall Ver. Pep Armor By Skg & Crew

    Thanks Das for that big informational paragraph... :p ill go with a paper mock-up to test the size first once i finish my helmet (almost done :D :D ) NNNNOOOOOOOOO i ran out of glue :'(
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    Odst Weta Landfall Ver. Pep Armor By Skg & Crew

    Im about 5'10", maybe taller, so should i scale it up just a lil' bit?
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    Odst Weta Landfall Ver. Pep Armor By Skg & Crew

    Where would i need to measure my leg for the ODST WETA Leg w/ supports? would it be from the bottom of my feet to just below my knee?
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    Superglue Superglue Superglue :p

    thanks for the tips :) I really hate it when you get too much glue on the armour by accident then it sticks on your fingers and then when you try and pull you finger off it pulls the hinges apart D:
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    Superglue Superglue Superglue :p

    Is there any way to get superglue off my fingers? :( byside scratching the heck out of my fingers :p
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    My Finished Armor! (mostly)

    wow! thats some good armour, too bad you didn't have time to resin etc to it :( Nice Buster Sword too ;D i'd like me one of those.
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    ODST Visor.

    I just got an idea to make an even stronger visor, and probably more smoother :D what if, after resining and fiberglassing the odst helmet, take off the visor. then strengthen the visor so it wont break when being vacuum formed. then vacuum form it wth clear acrylic (or some other plastic), the...