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    So….. What next? Infinity Ward "Halo like game"?

    sounds like they are greedy for money...they pop out CoD like three times faster than Halo
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    Don Robert's Tron Legacy

    Looks good so far can't wait to see it looks like the bottom corner on the back left came apart? It doesn't seem lined up like the right side. But great suit good work.
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    Noble Six WIP

    Just got my Smoke Visor...wanted to keep my helmet as close to my in-game, and I love the black visor look. Now just a few more touches and helmet will be pics will be of completed helmet with finished visor, screens on both sides, LEDs and fans.
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    Thanks man...yea I just picked up an HJC replacement visor for $20 at a local motorcycle needs some small modifications but it fits pretty well...will post pics later tonight...I'll PM you when I do and you can see if it would work for you...they come in tons of colors.
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    veary BIG question!

    Kevlar isn't is high tensile strength fabric woven together...and the technology is far off to have an entire suit that is compact enough to be similar to a Spartan...they could make it able to withstand damage or give the operator extra abilities...but not both in a wearable...
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    Noble Six WIP

    I'd like to do a whole suit...probably won't have the time to for a while but eventually that is the plan.
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    I was going for the brushed aluminum look, but I wanted it to look battle used...I have been thinking off making bullet hit marks on it but can't think of a way to make it look realistic. Let me know how the visor works I might be interested in doing the same, or buying one. My next helmet I...
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    Noble Six WIP

    Got it painted... Top view Let me know what you think so far...I am gonna try to mount electronics today...I am on duty so I can't leave base to get a visor or padding hopefully tomorrow
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    Looks good...did you ever figure a solution for the visor? I just finished my Noble Six helmet yesterday but can't find a visor to fit or one that I like...I have a link to mine in my sig if you want to check it out
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    Noble Six WIP

    The book lights were up front at Walmart. Right by the registers. Thanks for all the positive feedback. Pics will be up later today. Just need visor and finish up electronics and padding.
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    Noble Six WIP

    Finished it up and ready for paint...laid down base black primer...starting painting...will post finished paintjob pics later Of course it would rain on my parade the only ten seconds it rained all day
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    Visogoth's Grenade and Ironman Helm Builds

    Looks good so far...what kind of glaze are you applying to it?
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    Noble Six WIP topic, but Lone Wolf makes replacement barrels for Glock that allow you to attach a supressor...I have a supressor on my M4 as well I am gonna post pics of it with the finished helmet...just a little more Bondo and sanding/detailing and it will be ready to paint.
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    Noble Six WIP

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys...didn't get too much done today...had a long night :cool Did some more sanding and touching up...the weather started to turn so I had to call it quits but I should be ready to paint tomorrow hopefully Smoothed out a lot of the seams on the top...
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    I use no-drip Super Glue great and bonds almost instantly...kinda sucks if you misalign a piece but I like the quick dry property so I stick with it.