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    Rank Cap Lifted: We go crazy now

    Emile's helmet is 120k, not 130k. I know because that's what I'm wearing right now. It looks great with a black visour I'm a Colonel Grade 1 now. What's great is that higher ranks get higher credits for completing matches. At Lt. Colonel Grade 3 I usually got around a 1000 credits total for...
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    A normal day in the world of Half Life

    "We don't go to Ravenholm." I absolutely love the Half-Life series (and Portal). I think the Orange Box is the only thing that beats Halo. HL2 is the best game in the history of video games. And Orange Box is the best video game collection of all time. And where's Episode 3? I think the...
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    halo combat evolved remake?? should it be attempted?

    Kirshan, there was a Halo MMO planned, but it got cancelled early on (I think the project was started alongside Halo Wars). Judging from the screens, it wouldn't have been good without some major changes.
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    That wow factor

    Actually, Halo 2 was the first game I played. I knew the story of Halo CE and had seen screens and vids of it, but never actually played it. I thought Halo 2 was a pretty good game. A few months later I got Halo CE. First custcene, I thought, wow, this is where it all begins. Then the...
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    Noble Map Pack now with Video!

    Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you guys know that the pilotable Pelican easter egg has been found! It's on the New Alexandria level. And in another twist, if you hijacked a Banshee, you can fly a Phantom, too! I've spent most of today working on this, as has a huge force over at...
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    Noble Map Pack now with Video!

    This week's Bungie update has info on some of the new Achievements. I also ran across something that literally made my jaw drop: Mind. Blown.
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    Halo: Cryptum discussion

    I was on io9 tonight and ran across an article on Halo: Cryptum. Some excerpts: I haven't read much sci-fi aside from the Halo books, so maybe someone could elaborate what "hard sci-fi" is? The article's main focus is the cover art (and it's got some good info on that), but it does talk a...
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    Minecraft Halo Tribute Memorial

    I'm just gonna leave this here. . . Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm not familar with the limitations of minecraft art, but my suggestion is to make the opening/ending shot of the damaged helmet just laying in the dirt.
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    Psychological Assessment of SIERRA II/John-Ident#117 SPARTAN 'super soldier' project

    Looks more like plasma damage. There's a perfectly round chunk missing out of that Spartan's head (which is still smoking), and a matching hole melted into the helmet (which is also still smoking). They're also in the back of a Pelican, so they just got extracted from an op that went bad...
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    Halo Lego's, oh, wait, no it isnt

    There's an ODST drop pod?!? How have I never seen that? I want one now. . . And I see a Bespin Cloud Car in the bottom right corner. I have that same set laying around here somewhere. . .
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    Why all the missing letters?!

    To be the most canonically accurate, Bungie would be playing Precursor, the race that the young Forerunners worshipped like gods and who were so advanced that they achieved transcendence (kind of like how the Ancients ascended in Stargate). Also, these little details (like the missing letters)...
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    Noble Map Pack now with Video!

    I would assume that most of the achievements are tied to the maps, like the Mythic maps in Halo 3. I would imagine "Skunked on Breakpoint" and things of that nature. Speaking of Breakpoint, anybody notice that those Spartans were using a rocket hog? And Anchor 9 has space! I hope is doesn't...
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    Halo Lego's, oh, wait, no it isnt

    No, Shortsword is correct. Halo Wars created a bunch of new vehicles, one of them being the Shortsword, which is an atmospheric bomber. Longswords are space fighters (capable of atmospheric too, though) and don't appear in Halo Wars. Not sure if that's sarcastic or not, but yes, I love...
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    what is with the stupid 10 yr olds....!!!?!

    That, my friend, is pure win. Congratulations, you have won 1 internetz. Project003, what are you talking about? This is not a hate thread. Got armour was expressing a legitimate complaint about immature adolescents on Xbox Live. And then his thread devolved into the same argument the Reach...
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    what is with the stupid 10 yr olds....!!!?!

    No, he's arguing that it's not definitive either way. Most people keep saying that he definitely died, arguing either from the inconclusive cutscene or from what Halsey/Cortana said (we still don't even know which one it's supposed to be). The ending is open, which Bungie did so that the...