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    Random Ways To Get Resin Off Your Hands

    use acetone found in nail polish remover
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    Master Chief Color?

    blue realms armor witch is arguably the most accurate is painted with Italian Olive from walmart. Dark Grey for washing, and a mix of stain less steal and gun metal for the damage. sandpaper or steal wool to give it that scuffed up look.
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    Going To Bungie...

    is that the halo wars game i see in the background in your vids or just a image of it ?
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    Going To Bungie...

    give them your gamertag they will most then likely give you recon in the game
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    look like a powerranger fleet to me
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    Yaay, Xbox Live Is Broken!1one

    tell me about i had a 50 in everything except squadbattles but im sure they would have told use they always have
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    Halo 3 Tourney

    wow just play mlg rules and mlg maps i have them ill put it in my fileshare as to the referees just look at the theater if there's a dispute
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    Armor Making Problem

    ink hahahha
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    New Odst Action Figures

    THE character Dare im sure is going to require halo points because she has recon and all her information is classified
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    A 405th Experiment

    really so would you could cut ans score a whole suit in a day? :thumbsup:
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    A 405th Experiment

    yah but if you mold and cast it it would be fairly cheap split between 8
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    A 405th Experiment

    you spelled my name wrong :cry: nobody's going to want to cut and score it
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    A 405th Experiment

    yah i think who ever is in the group if this ever gets started should chip in an that way everyone gets a mold
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    A 405th Experiment

    yeah ill do part three
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    Glueing Questions

    glue the flap on the out side instead of under the numbers glue on the number theres really no difference ON SOME PIECES