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    Girl Advice

    Thats the best choice you could have made. If you tell some people you like her so she finds out, then ignore her, good things will happen. And maybe you can work on getting to lvl 50 on team slayer :lol:
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    crackhead09's Fiberglassing Tutorial

    no, its not body filler. Its basically fiberglass resin with little bits of fiberglass cloth already in it. You can use it on cloth like resin, but i don't like it nearly as much. Its good for resining when you're not using cloth though
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    Props Rocketlauncher

    heres my old buildable version. it got deleted with the download database :( not perfect or that detailed, but i built it.
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    Painting Issues

    wow, i nearly peed myself looking at your sig. :lol:
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    Canadian Visor?

    I may have just helped you out a great deal. I was looking at this on ebay ebay link and it seems they ship to canada for $20. $22 plus $20 shipping isn't too bad in my opinion.
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    Props Paintball Gun Ar Wip- Pics

    i used a hacksaw after two coats of resin
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    Props Paintball Gun Ar Wip- Pics

    they're teh same model, but the second one i rounded the grip, got rid of the barrel and light, got rid of the little indentations on the top, and took the fingerholes off the front grip
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    Props Paintball Gun Ar Wip- Pics

    Its cool, i understand. Anyways i've hollowed the body, but i'm waiting to go to lowes to grab some mounting hardware.
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    Soft Parts Under Armor Gel

    at about 4 minutes it talks about ballistic foam, bulletproof and lightweight stuff that seems pretty cool. I think this would be better than anything else.
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    Props Paintball Gun Ar Wip- Pics

    lol, easy now guys. I'm actually an old member (almost a year) and have'nt been on here in a while. Thats my file from a while ago, the second one i simplified to make it easier to use. i was also the first to do a spartan laser, plasma rifle, and Spnkr. heres a print screen. It's been...
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    Props Paintball Gun Ar Wip- Pics

    Original thread here -----> this is all cut and pasted from that thread on PBnation I was completely bored, so i decided to use my master fiberglass skills to make something new. This spyder was the gun that first put me into paintball, and i'll...
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    Cheap Respirator? $14?

    will this work for fiberglass resin? says it works for organic vapors of low toxicity ebay link
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    here-homsar66 XBL- redwarror0czech location- VA timezone- idk, eastern?
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    In paintball people actually get out when you hit them. Thats cause all the little kid's ions broke the day before
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    Noob here, where to start?

    wow, this was an old thread.