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    Post A Pict A Day

    Post a pict every day!
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    Boycott YouTube DEC. 19-21. Do not go on Youtube 19-21 youtube is going censorship. They will watch all our post and delete any negative posts. They are removing our freedom of expression. Why don't go on 19-21? youtube will see their traffic fall and will know what we want. Spread the word...
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    Finished My Helmet

    mmmmmm............... niples
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    Props Br55 Full Metal

    May I see you hold it.(PICT0
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    Lots Of Games Coming Out

    Fable 2
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    Girl Advice

    Ask PedoBear he always knows how to get girls lolz :p
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    Fable 2and The Collection Ed?

    hey I have a small question is the and difference with the fable 2 or the collectors edition?? I went to gamestop .com and no info because I want to preorder it!
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    New Ways To Coat Resin

    ever thought about paint thinner when u finnish resining put the brush in paint thinner and clean it
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    I Found Some Thing Pretty Cool (kinda)
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    Announcing The Spartan Ghost Red Bull Racer

    OHH WOW! thats awsome thats alot of fiberglass
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    Program To Transform .pdos?

    Nope unless you get the leapord and use boot camp
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    Help With Mc Belt

    how much bondo did you use for filling the butt plate?
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    My Awkward And Unconventional Problem

    iv been feelin that for the part 3 days and no one realy plays halo anymore on my friends list and im almost done with the achevements i just have to do campain scoring and marothon man
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    Trian Loaders!