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    Cardboard Battle Rifle

    woa awsome how did you make that
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    I Am Making My First Suit Of Armor... I Need Help!

    to do good peps take your time do not rush or use bondo on the messed up parts
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    Might Quit Makin My Armor

    and plus my dad dosent like the smell of the fiberglass but ill just be patient probably next year or so so i can get all the materials i need like bondo
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    Might Quit Makin My Armor

    :unsure :( i did a little bit of my armor like i finished my chest and fore arms and the rest of the armor printed out but wat i need is spray paint ,body filler ,more resin ,cardstock and a new printer and im broke so if you can give me tips of wat i can do i might redo everything
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    Phenry's Mark 6 Armor Wip

    man thats sick and so fast wow im very impressed
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    405th On Indy Mogul

    did u make a new set of suit?? :lol: for the vid
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    Fiberglassing Tips

    how did u break ur arm
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    Mark Vi 1st And 2nd Attempt

    looks awsome keep up the good work :D
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    Th3 Fett Mans Official Armor Thread

    where do you get the armori need pep files of the halo3 odst
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    Transformers 2

    coool my favorite is jetfire 2 and sideswipe (don't forget DEVASTATOR) :thumbsup: :lol: :lol:
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    How did you find us? freind told me about it then i join yesterday :lol:
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    Made In Canada

    thats really cool :lol:
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    Wal-mart Xbox 360 Fail

    hahahaha red ring of death
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: levi albano Profession: ...... Age: 17 Favorite Hobby:this and drawing(i still have a life) Favorite part of Halo: the theme of the futur and the story Favorite Halo: 3 Favorite Video Game: halo 123 wars ,gears of wars Other Interests: transformers ,predator stuff,star wars Favorite Food...
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    Wrath's Mkvi

    nice helmet keep up the good work :thumbsup: