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    A New Experiment

    Nice to see this Experiment as you all call it going again. I did hear what happened to the last project and that is unfortunate but as we are living in the real world may i say, S**t does happen. I will be watching this thread to see how everything turns out. Oh and good luck on the shipping...
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    Phenry's Plasma Pistol

    alright i read how your goin to cut it in half but what are you going to use to do that? Also i was thinking of another way to stiffen it. - Drill hole in one of the areas you are going to put and LED at and maybe pour some smooth cast around inside of it- Well that's just what i was think then...
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    Master_Leet117 XBL: Mastercrafter69 Location: Mid-MO Time Zone: US Central
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    Props Smg Case

    Ahhh see that's actually what i was thinking with the handle but yea i think on a battle worn item there really shouldn't be anything really glossy on it but that's just my opinion but once again i must say nice find!
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    Props Smg Case

    That is a nice find! I really like what you did with the case only thing that bothers me is the handle really kind looks shiny to me and for it being military i would figure it would be metal. Have you thought about maybe trying to replace the handle at all or would that be to complicated...
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    Another Advanced Noob

    Yea i also would say he has a camera because if he stole it that would not be very cool at all.
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    45 Life Lessons

    i really like pretty cool you put it up i guess. So did you think of them yourself or get them from somewhere?
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    Recon Helmet In Progress

    Recon helmet isn't very hard to pep is it i also think fiberglassing it shouldn't to hard either. Only think i might think is hard to the recon is all the detail. You are off to a good start tho :cool:
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    Introducing Myself To The Community

    Ahhhh WoW it is addicting. i just recently stopped playing it in exchange for XBL so yea i know the game pretty well have lvl 80 BE Pally :D
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    Another Advanced Noob

    I'm really not trying to be hard on him because like i metioned I am new to the site but i have done a lot of reading before even joining the site soooo yea.... i just mainly would like to see some pics of the work he has done and maybe some of him actually do the work to prove its him. Other...
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    Another Advanced Noob

    Ummmm yea i haven't even been here all that long and i already feel your off to a bad start with the the whole personality thing. Also saying you have good armor and showing that you have good armor are 2 different things so before i decide your really good at what you say i would like to see...
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    Mid West Gathering?

    Hey all i live in Mid Missouri so i don't know how long of a drive it would be for me also I'm kinda new to the 405th and i would like to eventually go to some kind of meeting
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    Into To Master_leet117

    Back again with a slight update i wasn't able to get pics up last night of my resined helmet so I'm going to put them up today with another update later of my fiberglassing of the helmet. So far with this being my first ever piece I am making i think its looking really good and i am really happy...
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    Into To Master_leet117

    Well today i plan on trying to resin it and maybe get some fiberglass done so if i get some of it done i will come back and add some progress. Oh and don't worry this wont be my WIP page i just want to show my first project(first helmet) on this page then i will start a new thread for the rest...
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    Into To Master_leet117

    Well hello everyone! Nice to see a reasonable site with some enforced rules, AKA not Myspace, Facebook... you get the point. I have been reading around the site a lot for about a week before I even signed up and then read some more before I even decided to post this introduction. Now to get...