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    Reach Armor WIP

    Nice pep work hey man awesome job with the pep what kind of glue do u use if you don't mind me asking I've resorted to using 3m clear tape to move forward on my pep works but I'd like to find a decent glue. From your pic it looks like tacky glue but I believe I've tried that before, but if...
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    My Recon Helmet

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    Soft Parts Usnc Patch

    Hey guys this is a patch idea I had when a friend was looking for a good halo UNSC patch but he couldn't find any he liked so I made this one for him he really seemed to like it so I figured I'd post it up here to see what you all think about it.
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    Other Armor Builders?! :d

    Welcome aboard!
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    The Scorpion Tank ( Halo C E )

    awesome put this on my "soon as I get some free time" file :) thanks for all the work you guys put into it looks awesome!
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    you could use a polymer clay......A mix of Puppen Fimo, Cernit and Fimo Mix Quick has proved to be strong....but we prob shattered your bank by the time you get enough to make a helmet out of....the cheapest....mold able clay like is.....body filler...sorry as far as wearing it goes...thats...
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    Primer As Paint?

    Primers tend to get brittle after about a month and can be prone to cracking and breaking and won't be able to adhere or stick to any other paints you paint over it (after you see its breaking and try to fix it hehe) also primers don't have a resistant to water chemicals mixed in so it won't...
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    My Hayabusa Helmet

    its not defeat man! its round two!!! FIGHT! :) sorry to hear about your first build though, but you did it once you can do it again! just don't get discouraged man we know you can do it!
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    Video Of Bungie Replicas

    sweet find man bets getting on a plane to walk through a lobby! thanks for posting it up :)
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    Texture Question

    yeah man best bet is to put it on your wall of lessons learned (I'm sure everyone has one or something like it) and just start over it would be much faster the second time around and will be less work for a better result <nodnod>
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    Soft Parts Accurate Odst Gloves

    you do awesome work man
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    Aware's Odst Armor Build

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    Member Of The Month August #2

    Congrats Nightshade!!
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    Finished Spartan Mk 6

    Well, first off congrats on finishing your armor! Things I might change: Basically just the smoothing of the surfaces kinda beef them up a bit to make your armor last longer. (don’t want all that you spent to go to waste) body filler is best for that. The paint job looks nice, I like...
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    Props Nerf Gun As Odst Smg

    pretty sweet find just a bit of modding and it could work.