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    Imperius: Archangel of Valor Build Log

    This is looking awesome! I'll be watching this thread closely.
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    Oceanic Sculpt from scratch *WIP*

    Most of the guys who put out perfect clay sculpts have year of experience. For not having any previous experience with the medium you're doing pretty damn good! Keep at it and don't be afraid to take double or triple the time you expected to work and rework sections to practice and get things...
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    Oceanic Sculpt from scratch *WIP*

    Looks like you got a good start man! Can't wait to see more progress. Also, you have an epic kitchen table, I'm loving the celtic weave.
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    Halo Style - real helmet conversion

    Awesome! This reminds me of the original beta build master chief. I like it! (this one V)
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    Cortana dye sublimation pattern

    and is also rather bulky which makes fitting it into a skin tight suit look really bad.
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    Sniper Rifle Project

    First off, please watch your necro-posting a bit. This thread has been dead for two years now... Second, as for advise I really have none other than the usual have patience and take your time on the details, don't get excited and rush it. Look at as much reference as you can and try and build...
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    Final HEV suit

    Looking good man! Seriously makes me want to finish the one that i started a few years ago. Great work!
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    Paradoxdj's PAX armor W.I.P.

    Well i'm either doing a complete rebuild or larger updates to the current kit so i'll always have one either way. Can't wait until we can get a good photoshoot in together man!!
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    Paradoxdj's PAX armor W.I.P.

    Well our kits we're actually inspired by one another so that would explain the paint scheme haha Thanks man! I'm really happy with how this whole thing has turned out. Two years of this kit has been awesome!
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    Paradoxdj's PAX armor W.I.P.

    Another photoshoot under my belt! This one was ten hours straight and I almost died of back pain afterwards. Totally worth it though! I love some of these shots! Here's a few of the new shots. I very much enjoy this one V I'm gonna add some effects into this one later on but for now:
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    Accepted into film school!

    Congrats man! I myself will be heading off to film school this october as well. Good luck and have fun!
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    Fallout 3 AER9 Full Resin and mdf Kits

    you can certainly post pictures at anytime. just use photobucket and copy over the img code. pictures are a must for any build or the thread will be shut down.
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    Macattack64 Mark VI Spartan Build

    These are looking great mac! Keep it up and soon I'll have a red spartan to go up against :P
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    Sizing Thoughts and Opinions??

    Hey hey! Nice to see you on the forums man! As I said before your pep work is awesome and scaling is always a pain but you'll get it. I'm fairly sure my helmet was scaled to 260 - 270mm and you've seen how it fits compared to the rest of my armour. Good luck man!
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    Props Halo Reach AI Transfer Case aka "The Package"

    I've seen this in person. It's pretty badass. Well done sir.