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    Big Update On Samus Samus

    I saw this when it was still a work in progress on /po/. :p But then again I spawned into this from the world of paper craft so that is still my hobby before this. (Not that I don't love my Hayabusa helmet I'm working on!)
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    Hayabusa Armor Build

    *Check weather* 60° F at 11:41pm :D
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    Hayabusa Armor Build

    Haven't had a chance to do any smoothing on the spikes yet but since they were pretty damn smooth before I figure just a thin coat of bondo and have at it with my mouse sander. And for where I'm at, look at my last post with pictures. I haven't gotten a chance to do anything else between being...
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    Hayabusa Armor Build

    A little bit of both! :) Shame we don't have out hammock up, we have a U shaped path that is set into some trees and the hooks to hang it up. Banana trees growing in another area, a lot of other nice little touches. Go sunny Treasure Coast Florida!
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    Busa In Progress

    Great start! I'm working on one myself, click on the image in my signature to link to the thread. Can't wait to see your progress.
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    Df4l's Hd Mark Vi Helmet!

    Good start! Keep it up.
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    Hayabusa Armor Build

    Slow progress, got some more bondo on. And a picture of part of my backyard so you can see the great resin and bondo-ing weather! :D
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    Model Request.

    Since I've been more of a papercrafter than an armor maker I'll just shoot out a bunch of links to look around. (This is essentially all the free gundam models that are out.) - updated often, great source...
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    Model Request.

    Yeah it's a shame. But if you find an unlocked PDO of any other gundam I'm sure you could just multiply the size by about 100!
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    Model Request.

    Do this one!
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    Custom Mousepads For 2.99 Usd

    This man speaks the truth, it really isn't a scam. Here's a picture of the five I have, also gave one to my father and two WoW ones to friends for Christmas. Takes about two weeks to get them. Sorry for low quality picture, used my phone right quick. And if anyone wants the image I used for...
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    Mark Vi Helmet

    Looks great! And by Visor do you mean the paper or real one? Because if it's the real one I would suggest holding off so you don't get resin on it.
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    Messing Around

    Hahaha, "Honey. What doing?" That's great!
  14. R!

    I've toyed with this idea also, except just respirator instead of gas mask. Look awesome while you're building awesome armor!
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    Iron Man Mkiii Scratch Built - Xrobots Version

    This is all amazing! Shame that you're having horrid weather. Lucky I'm in a nice warm area in the 70's (F) just about every day.