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  • That's good. The card stock I'm using comes in a variety of colours. Colour is not important as you will be glassing and painting over it. My new ODST is half blue and half yellow! It's 240gm multipurpose card, I got it from Campap. You may be able to find the same thing at Popular, I think. :)
    I was wondering when you would ask that question. I noticed earlier on that your card stock had some shine to it, but I thought it was just the strong flash. It's possible to resin over glossy card stock, but the resin will not soak well into the card. This will present problems later when you sand the pep down through the paper. Nonetheless, if your card stock is not that thick, this should not be a problem.

    That's why, if you read the pep threads, they recommend matt card stock as opposed to glossy. :)
    Nice job on the magnum, man! You could make the edges cleaner. Try using a sharper cutter blade and some sandpaper.
    Yeah, you got that right! The dolphin brand costs about RM45 for 3.5kg.

    Selamat Hari Raya to you too, kid! :)
    Same place where you get fiberglass and resin. Ace hardware has the *real* bondo, which costs 3x more than the local variety. Try going to a hardware store and ask for "simen kereta". It's a 2-part putty - putty + hardener. There are many brands available, I use Dolphin.
    hey i'm new here can you help
    me how to make a halo helment
    Yeah, I said NEAR... look up multifilla.com.my for the map. :)
    You can try Ace, but one resin or another, it's almost the same when it comes to the dangers. Just be careful to wear a good mask and eye protection. Better yet, get an adult to help you.

    Alor Setar, huh? I'm in Sungai Petani.
    Don't tell me you've never heard of Multifilla? It's a hardware supplier somewhere near the Mines. Every propmaker knows that! LOL
    I use generic industrial resin and fiberglass. The type they use to make boats with. So, your grandfather's in Kedah? Which part?
    Tell you what? Where I got my supplies? I already said it's in the North. As in Kedah... You're better off finding supplies at Multifilla, dude. :)
    That's the same guy, dude. How many Gixxers are there? LOL

    I get the resin and fiberglass from a supplier up here in the North. If you know Gixxer, then you should be able to get the supplies from the place he does. Our techniques are alike, anyway. I just don't use that much fiberglass and resin, so my build will be lighter.

    Are you doing Carter as well?
    I use resin and fiberglass. Where are you from? Do you know Gixxer-085? He's in the Klang Valley. How's your progress?
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