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  • Hey there! LOL!, I'd be more than happy to help you with the mando armor. We could mentor each other! :p
    I could have used a mentor the other day when I first started pepping the helmet. Stupid me, even though I read all of the tutorials, I still folded everything the wrong way at first. XD As of my writing this, I just have one page pepped. It's the upper right top of the helm. I'm going to work on it more this weekend. I just got back from college after a REALLY long finals week. Ugh, just wait. Something for you to look forward to. :p Anywho, thanks a lot for volunteering to lend me a hand on here. I'll be more than happy to lend you a hand with mando armor as well. I'd recommend also making a profile on mandalorianmercs.com if you haven't yet. They have a lot of good tutorials on there too like they do here. It's a really good resource. My screen name is the same on there if you want to add me.
    Oh, you can just call me Rich. Easier than typing Dragon Sunkiller every time.
    You can report posts with the little warning sign in their lower left corner. I don't know how to report actual members.
    Make the USB part slide and it will be AWESOME!!!!

    did you mean have the usb inside than slide it when i want to use it?
    hey sprtnbd50 well like i saids im being deadmau5 for halloween ill post video of how its doing in lke 5 min lol (pronounced deadmouse) yea the mouth gana be red and the other colors alreaady on lol
    hey whats up im half way with bondo on recon im working on it every time i get cause of my new gf is always wana to hang so i hvent had time and its been raining
    Wait wait. i haven't really ordered yet. i need to see some pics of other rifles that you have done to confirm my purchase.
    ummm, you said your out of ar's and only selling br's at the moment.
    But let me know if you can build and ar.
    and i wanna see the picture of the types of br you have.
    If you don't mind.
    Crap, sorry for the late reply.
    You sounded so professional when you were explaining.
    Do you have a picture of the finished product?
    With that much money, i have to make sure its not a scam xD
    No offence.
    I'm 14 btw.
    hey sorry for the late reply!
    well you can fiberglass or rondo.. it doesnt really matter, my mk vi was all fiberglassed but my kat was rondo.
    i do muddglass (mixing rondo with layers of fiberglass) on some of the joints, the cod and chest.
    Bike shop... LOL

    You don't need bike helmet padding, dear boy. Just put in some sponges or use the head band from a welding face shield and fiber that into your helmet. That's how I did it. Cooler than bike helmet padding too... :)
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