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  • Hey man, it says here you live in Malaysia, and you sell props.
    Well i live in Malaysia too and i was thinking is the price Malaysia or US currency?
    i kinda said i dont bwand cqb what bout ummmmmm mark vi? and bout the details do i have to bondo it or do i just do the deatails as in leds and ect? and this is my frist buy off this so im not just gana send ya 30 or so bucks so how would we do that any way?
    a pull of a normal helm dosent matter witch 1 all but cqb and just a pull nothing special! no paint no visor just a mold pull how much?
    I make props, weapons and some other stuff, mostly Halo stuff.
    I sell em too, Halo Battle Rifle $15, Halo Assault Rifle $15, Halo Armor $150 and more, ask me for price of what you want. Weapons are made of Foam Poster Board so thats why its cheap but detailed.
    Armor is $150+ additional to requested armor, color, detail and method of hardening. Oh and you have to send in the cash before I start building, if you don't get your armor in less the 8 months, you'll get 25% discount.
    Hope you stop by my page, as well, ADD MEH!! :p
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