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    Yet another ODST Build, pic heavy

    After a few days I've continued sanding. Now for the question that I've had for a while. What grade paper is better to sand with, I'm using 80 right now but am sure there is a better one out there? Any help would be great guys. ~Brownie
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    Halo Legends: Forerunner Gun Pep WIP (pic heavy (?))

    Usually resin can run up to $50, I found you can get some at walmart for $15-20. Depending on the size larger cans cost more, small ones are cheap. I use the cheap ones for my stuff, I'd say go with that. Hope it helps. ~brownie
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    Yet another ODST Build, pic heavy

    To start off, Sorry about the pep pics being so large, they were taken last year with my old camera and I didn't resize them. Sorry in advance. Ok lets start this thread off! I'm making this one for a friend of mine. She's pretty good at Halo: ODST so I figured I'd make her a helmet. I'm...
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    ODST help?

    thanks for the help guys, you've given me a few ideas I might try to work with. I'll post some pictures of what I've got done so far soon. ~Brownie
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    ODST help?

    Hey guys, I'm almost done finishing up an ODST helmet that I'm making for my friend. Now onto the hard part. I don't know where to get the Visor from. Its a ODST helm from Halo 2 (heard it was the easiest to make up). I was thinking about using a snowmobile helmet visor for it and using tint...
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    pepakura designer Help?

    sweet, thank you so much, i really didn't wanna sit with my laptop open and look at EVERY cut I had to do, probably would have taken too long of time
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    pepakura designer Help?

    Ok I've used Pepakura Designer for alot of props I've made. Now I'm trying to do some other helmets that I've never done before. The problem is, the PDO files I have aren't labled on the folds/edges. Now how to I get them numbered. I know its a dumb question but I can't find any help on...
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    AI USB Chip Heavy Pics

    It was a spur of the moment thing I wanted to do, the flash drive was always in the way of my keys and I wanted to do something fun for the 405th. I'm hoping everyone likes it, hopefully I'll have more tomorrow. ~Browinie
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    AI USB Chip Heavy Pics

    After doing alittle clean up here is some more pictures. I tried to get a picture with the light on but it flashes and I'm slow with a camera. After I resin it to make it stronger I'll do some clean up to it all, I'm hoping the slot for the USB card will be easy to clean up...
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    AI USB Chip Heavy Pics

    *notice this is the first real time I've used cardboard to make props so bear with me* I know I've been gone for a long time, but since the weather in Minnesota is better I figured it was time to start working on some Props again. Last year I did a recon helmet but this year I'm focusing...
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    dang thats a lot of pieces!

    I also had the program open infront of me, and still do to this day! Large parts work best as a begining
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    Odor and killing brain cells

    I took a household fan and had it blowing into the inside for a few days. LEAVE IT ON MEDIUM!!! I put it on high and it blew it away from the fan and didn't do any good till I check on it a few days later, whoops! That helped and leaving it in an open area helps too. The fan was just used...
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    Recon Visor question.

    Hey guys, I'm sure this has been answered before but I can't find any answers to it. I've been working for the past 2 weeks on my very first Recon Helmet (yes I haz recon). And I'm a bit confused. I've done everything except final paint and putting padding/fan inside. Now, I know the...
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    Bondo sanding, what a mess! What do you do about it?

    I just use the outside method. Contra code style, Keep it Simple
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    GUNGNIR Helmet WIP

    Its acutally a Blast Shield cover. Yes there is 1 eye hole (camera) on it. And I'd imagin a Screan on the inside that shows whats infront of it. Maybe like a Gundum *sp* suit? Perhaps... Just an idea, should look cool if someone made it.