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  • I can give you my unfold chest files but you will need to scale it up to fit you. I have to uploaded it into my 4 share account first.
    Ah, they from the pep file. I took an old chest plate file from l3x and redid the unfold to make more it chest friendly. I cut out the pieces from the paper and traced over them with a sharpie
    I put a split between the front and back of the plates and it's secured by about 30 rare earth magnets. I pull it off pretty much by grabbing the neck area and pulling downwards.
    I don't have any guns finished. Before coming to the 405th I started roughing out a DMR, but never completed it. Still in the midst of making the heavy machine gun, but hopefully I can have that finished by the end of the summer.
    That sounds like a printer problem more than a pep problem. Where does the paper load from? Some have the paper tray on the front laying down, others have it in the back standing upright. If you have the first one, you're in trouble, because 110lbs cardstock isn't meant to bend at the angles those feeders use. Be sure you are using a back loading tray for the cardstock. You can verify this issue by doing a printoff of the armor using normal paper. If it goes fine, then you know it's the cardstock getting stuck.
    That's it in a nutshell. But some files are just picky and whiney, and even if you fix the pieces will still complain. Then you just say "no" to rescaling. Because obviously that means the program is going to change the size of the pieces, which is bad!
    In reference to the error message:
    It is usually because a tiny corner is overlapping another piece or hanging off the edge of the paper by a micrometer. You should always say "No" to changing the scale. You can either live with the error message, or if you own pepakura designer, try and fix it yourself. Most people don't fork out the 40$, in which case you have to just hit "no" and continue on. I feel your pain, some of the files will give this error message no matter how spaced out and far from the margins the pieces are, others I can look and say "Oh, that one is hanging off the edge of the paper" and fix it and the message goes away.

    Hope this helps.
    The gun in my profile picture isn't real, that's just a photoshop. I am building a gun now, but it's foam, not pepekura. I'm not patient enough to fold something like that.
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