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    A1TD's Files base : Halo Carter Helmet HD,LD (R1E35-LD, R1E35-HD)

    great job on the files! that Army of two helmet is way simpler then the ones i modeled.
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    a good tut on how to make a cheap mold from caulk

    So you mix the water w/ detergent with the caulk. And that makes it that sloppy guppy :) type substance that makes it easier to apply it to the sculpture? Also i believe that cooking oil might be a good substitute for the release agent. I will try it and let you know!
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    Project 228: fox's ODST build

    Dont think that i cant do it! But i have more priorities then your armor! dont forget that i am the one funding the project!! So you better watch yourself!
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    Muddy Secrets Tutorial

    This is an alright technique! But its runs a lot!! Many guys use this technique to repair their fiberglass bumpers after bottoming out. The only thing i dont like about this is it cracks like fiberglass resign and hard to spread like bondo. Just my Input :)
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    Old Novel Resurfaced And Edited

    A blast from the past!
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    TUTORIAL: The Totally Offical "Hot glue Method" Method.

    I don't know if this has been mentioned due to lack of time readying these thread(2 year old thread :D). IF you crack the glue just use a heat gun over the destroyed area to heat the glue up again and make a full repair!!
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    How To Rize Sales Of Handcuffs?

    They sell fuzzy handcuffs for other purposes that 23Magnum was mentioning :whistle: But those are for recreational use! :lol::)
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    Does Anyone Have A Zune?

    I have a Zune! had to replace it twice for internal failure. But i don't know how to do friends on the Zune.
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    The Odst Novel Inspired By Halowars...

    Really Nice job on Chapter 2!!
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    The Odst Novel Inspired By Halowars...

    Oh boy! You need an editor but besides that. Freaken amassing.
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    Marine Helmet/armor

    Really nice job. Thanks for the vid. I learn so more techniques . Really appreciate it. ;)
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    405th Community Game Day

    Hey Guys i might be an 1/2 hour to an hour late. I have to convert my lawn mower from a plow back to a lawn mower.
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    [405Th Novel] Spartans Never Die...

    I was readying the squads and such. And i found that my character was called Hoffmen. I would just like to point it out that's his middle name. Also i didn't notice any of the other family members so i was just wondering if you were going to do them? Also when you get enough you should have the...
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    [405Th Novel] Spartans Never Die...

    I don't get it. How are we going to make the machinima? If we use halo 3 we cant have marines and stuff. also would we be able to use the maps, and people like me don't have all the maps yet. ???? So whats the logic? Are we going to 3d animate it?
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    Need 3d Artist

    What you need done my friend. I can put my armor on hold for yeah :)