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    Paper mache question, does it work?

    I think you might have misread, it would cost a lot of money to get going but Im sure it could pay out in the end, although I have never looked into the pricing of it all.
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    Pepakura Requests

    Item Name: Assault Class from Monday Night Combat Item Source: Monday Night Combat on Xbox Live Arcade Reference Images: The best I can find is this but there are some vids linked that may help
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    Paper mache question, does it work?

    I havent tried it myself but it does sound interesting. I would imagine it wouldnt be very strong though. Maybe if you used that, then painted, and then multiple coats of a strongish kind of lacquer over it all. Another idea, since your low on money, is save up some of it, and get some nice...
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    My H3 Sniper Build, from scratch

    Sorry about the double post, I just had a quick question. The material I am using Is a somewhat strong plastic that is pretty well reinforced throught the construct, do you think for most of it I could go straight to the bondo phase or should I still fiberglass it all?
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    My H3 Sniper Build, from scratch

    I cut out the bipod pieces, fiberglassing sometime this week :D
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    scaring little kids!!!

    A friend of mine always has a haunted house type deal at her house every year, what would always scare me is someone dressed as anything scary (doesnt really matter what) stand very still and then move when they are looking at you. Simple and effective lol
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    My Warthog WIP

    Yeah they are pretty fun to mess with, although I dont know about that traxxas but mine turns on a dime, slightest turn goin 60 could really hurt it :O
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    Grunt statue w.i.p

    That would be so creepy but so awsome also lol, Interested to see this when its finished.
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    monk1junk1's ODST build

    Ahh, can't wait to see it finished ;)
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    monk1junk1's ODST build

    Off to a good start, btw Im loving the idea of putting your emblem on the armor, but why is it on before fiberglass/bondo/paint? Sorry if I missed the explanation.
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    My H3 Sniper Build, from scratch

    Ok I finished it up, although Im nervous whether or not its strong enough. Hopefully (probably actually) the fiberglass will make it uber strong. In my opinion it's starting to shape up and look like the actual thing in a very low definition version lol
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    My H3 Sniper Build, from scratch

    Thank you very much for the pic, my reference pic looks like its just a boxxy U I cut out the pieces and will glue them together soon, pics soon also. By the way if anyone has a good pic of the scope I would be very grateful if you posted it :)
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    Had a different idea...went with it

    Its looking amazing so far! Cant wait to see it finished :)
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    first helmet pep(recon). now starting

    Lookin good so far :) I was planning on doing a recon set after I finish my gun, I guess its a "Phantom" thing eh? lol
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    LongShot-X's Mark VI HD MJOLNIR Armor - WIP

    This project is looking amazing, you are definitely a pro :) Keep up the good work!