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    Props Hidden Blade Tutorial

    I once made a hidden blade outta plastic and wood, but someone stole it. :(
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    Word Association

    Mythbusters. dunno how but yeah.
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    Resin made me sick! going to see the doctor!

    Get well soon! (Nissan 350z? oo nice.) But really, everyone that not uses a respirator when resining shoudn't be allowed to purchase Resin.
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    Resin made me sick! going to see the doctor!

    I hope you get better man. Resin Fume Poisoning is real serious business. But atleast you get some good out of all this misery :) Hope you get up on your feet soon! But shouldn't they have given you atleast some sleeping pills?
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    Resin made me sick! going to see the doctor!

    Do what it says, Get the name of the product, and all that... And don't wait 3 hours. There is emergency help for these kind of things.
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    Word Association

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    What age/ How old are you?

    15! yAy!
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    The cheapest helmet strengther method!

    WTF? Not that strong? If you make 4-5 layers of it, damn, IT'S JUST AS STRONG AS FIBREGLASS! I EVEN USE MY PAPER MACHED HELMET IN AIRSOFT/PAINTBALL! Only did Paintball once, though, kindof ruined my cheap-ish paintjob :p Jees. But you do lose SOME detail. But I wouldn't say it ruins your piece.
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    Do You Play an Instrument

    I play piano. I started last month. Suprisingly good at it too :p
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    TUTORIAL: The Totally Offical "Hot glue Method" Method.

    wooo great! I'll be trying this on my helmet! To bad one (1) pack of 12 mm diameter short glue sticks cost me 8 euros. f**k that's expensive for hot glue... well, at least it's still cheaper than fiberglass :D
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    Just finished playing TimeShift

    I would be playing TimeShift, but for some reason it won't start on my comp... ******* ATI Card....
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    Color Schemes

    I'm gonna go with Blue Primary and black secondary. Using Adams method too :p
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    Zyclone's Pepakura Project

    (Posting Spree!) I guess you'll never know, MacAttack.
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    Zyclone's Pepakura Project

    AAAND, Here's a picture of the first outer layer drying.
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    Zyclone's Pepakura Project

    Okay, Here is a pic before i started putting on the papier mache, when all layers of the sealant had dried.