1,000,000,000,000,00 worst things that could happen on Sept. 25,2007(Halo 3 release date)

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marioknight92 said:
Top 1,000,000,000,000,00 things that could happen on September 25, 2007(Halo 3 release date)
1. earth come to an end
2. Mass Red ring of death outbreak..

Or Xbox Live shuts down in place of Xbox Connected which is $254 a minute online.
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4. You open up your halo 3 box and you find the halo 2 disc.

5. You put halo 3 in your 360 and up pops the halo 2 menu.

6. You put it in your 360 and it explodes.

7. Master chief is micheal jackson.
8. Halo 3 suddenly PS3 Exclusive
9. Xbox live shuts down for 3 wk update
10. Master chief really is Chuck Norris
11. Halo 3 becomes mmorpg at last minute and requires a monthly fee
12. Halo 3 Secret plot to destroy America (in a good way)
14. Final boss is 5 tornados (superman returns final boss)
15. Secret alternate ending: Defeat the final RED RING OF DEATH home to the remaing flood
16. Flood actually destroy earth before Halo 3 release
chiefer said:
14.Your thumbs get riped off.
how is that so bad oh guys heres the ending.

Funny Ending number one
Master Chief walks up into the ark and comes up to Cortana, saying " Cortana, I am your son"
Master Chief Runs away from cortana and into the ark just as it is about to explode Chuck Norris
and Jet Li come in and Do round house kicks on covenant hunters sending them flying into the ark
flipping the on switch to off. Cortana says " This is the way the world ends." Master Chief eats a
Krispy Kreme Doughnut and Farts screen blacks out to space and you see earth explode.Credits

Funny ending number two

Just as you beat the last level a cutscene pops up. A forunner ship comes out of slip stream.

Master Chief: This is Spartan 1-1-7 can anybody hear me over?

Commander Hood: Isolate That Signal, Master Chief you mind telling me what you are doing on that ship?

Master Chief: Sir Finishing this Whopper.

screen fades to black then flashes showing a fat guy in burger king eating his whopper witch is Master Chief.
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LOL or.....

1:halo 3 only sells in japan and korea no shipping
2:u open up the case and there is a huge nasty scratch on the disc or there is no disc
3:entirely sold out before u get it and no remakes of the game
4:just when u pop in the disk ur exbox gets rrod
5:microsoft announces a new xbox out that costs $3500 and a hardrive of $1500 and halo 3 is exclusiv on that system
6:halo 3 is 2d like supernintendo games
7:cant think of anything else at the moment

edit: hope this doesnt actually gynx the release;)
For the sake of realism, Halo 3 would never be sold exclusivly in Japan. The Japanese weren't big fan of the Xbox, so I doubt they care a whole lot about the 360, much less Halo 3...So yeah, just sayin'...
Lt. Ambrose said:
19. Every single Halo 3 disc ever manufactured is horribly scratched.
after halo 2 vista, this one wouldn't surprise me :/
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