Props 1:2 hovering ghost

Swiss spartan

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Hello everyone

This is my very first own post/thread in this forum, even when i follow you guys since 2012 and beeing a member for some yers now, i have finaly a project that is worth to create a thread for.

What i'm going to build is a ghost, big enough to sit on it, floating like a hovercraft, the scale is aprox. 1:2 so it is 2m (6ft5") wide and 2.3m (7ft7") long

This thing will be huge, and i like huge stuff

I try to update this thread as often i can and when there is new stuff to show, so it wont be that active right now.

My goal is to complete it until the release of halo infinite that will be in the last 2 month of this year, maybe, so there is plenty of time yet.

Right now i'm at the planing phase and there is not much to show, just a few sketches and a pile of paper paterns that needed to be cut out

So far, this it i guess

Swiss spartan

New Member
Hello everyone

Long time silent, because there were no updates until now.

I currentli working on the project again and the time for planing and preparing is over.

Right now i'm building a tester to proof my concept and to figure out how it will behave.

Looking forward to the first test-floates


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