Recently did a photoshoot with Schankerz in my finished suit and thought I'd share some of the amazing pictures here
Halo_Shoot_June_2022-1.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-9.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-14.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-29.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-51.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-76.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-100.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-112.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-120.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-124.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-163.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-170.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-178.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-179.jpg Halo_Shoot_June_2022-201.jpg
I think we look pretty cool! This shoot was also a pretty good test before Montreal Comic Con. Over the entire shoot we walked about 5kms without problem, which is a good sign.

I also forgot to update the couple things I did before and after the shoot.
First thing I did was make the reach dmr. Was a pretty quick build, took me like 3 or 4 days to foam and then paint. It's not perfect but I think it looks good enough for now until I can take some time and make the assault rifle. I did have some fun with the dmr and even added a real little flashlight in there which is fun.
20220613_015851.jpg 20220614_002600.jpg 20220615_234606.jpg

Second thing I did was construct the hardcase tactical pouch to hopefully add some storage so I can keep some things on me. It won't fit much but it does look cool, really love how it turned out!
20220620_154729-1.jpg 20220621_234524.jpg

Last thing I did create a cool reach health pack repair kit for conventions. I had some leftover foam, plastidip and paint so this was a quick build, only like two days to make. Filled the kit with a hot glue gun, hot glue, strips of craft foam, nylon straps, elastic straps, scissors and some extra plastic buckles.
20220629_003222.jpg 20220703_221654.jpg 20220703_221708.jpg

Finally here's a video of the flashlight on the dmr.

Thanks folks for tuning in again to my unorganized nonsense. See you out there!

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