360 went toast!

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Sean Bradley

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I went through that 'Percentage Loading' screen alot, but I dunno if it's related. My buddy has a 2006 model and he says he gets it every once in a while too.


I just started playing Gears of War last saturday night
and right in the middle of a good blood spattering battle
my 360 turns off and I got the three red lights :(
I said to my self, "Self that's not good, what in the heck do three red light mean ???
I did a search on the xbox site and found out that it was a hard ware failure
I do remember that the light on the power supply was orange when I turned on the
360 and it never turned to green when I started the 360, So I unplugged everything
waited about a half hour plugged everything back in and was a bit dismayed to see the
orange light on the power supply again, but it turned to green when I powered up the xbox.
and continued with Gears of War.
I do not worry about the heat issue because I have a set of the add on fans that clip
right to the back of the xbox and they turn on and off with the xbox.
Best Buy has them for $24.99 and Circuit City has them a bit lower, Good investment either way.
I also got the Bust buy extended warranty to cover any major mishaps,
Now I know alot of people do not like to spend the extra cash but when I had a $999.00
digital camera replaced direct by the manufacture with a brand new
top of the line camera (new for that year) at no coast and no Hassle, So I buy the extra warranty
Here's a good deal a local computer store was offering when they opened there new Game section
The XboX 360 core system marked down from $299.99 to $199.99 and the $399.99 system marked down to
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