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does edge selection order influence face creation? im making a medallion with a lion on it.. started with the lion face by extruding and shaping faces on the flat but thru mistaken button pushes the face ended up with gaps in it so it wasnt manifold.. deleted the flat face of the medallion and cleaned up the border. now trying to put a solid lion shaped face on the flat and it doesnt want to work keeps jumping between vertex's that arent anywhere near each other and the only thing i can think of is that i didnt select the verticies in linear order
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not gonna lie i was trying to cheat my last post for enlisted but it didnt work
Selection order of vertices shouldn’t have any effect but it’s difficult for me to understand precisely what you’re looking at. Have you been able to figure this out or can you upload a screenshot?
i just made a series of faces to get it done... and cleaned up the artifacts.. once i did that it came out nice


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