3d Printed and Aluminum Casted Armor

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    Hello 405th Community!!!

    I'd Like to build a few sets of Spartan Armor for my friends and I. I have access to to some laser cutters and about 3 3d printers at a one of my regular clients, so when i'm onsite at that particular client I take over the printers and print out parts to some of the weapons (currently printing a rail gun at 80% scale) I also happen to have a friend who offered to take any of the prints I have and cast them in aluminum with his back yard crucible so that they are tougher and longer lasting. Prior to gaining access to the printer I began working on some environmental sensors using the groove sensor family from seedstudios.com that I have plans to incorporate in the helmet. Some of those sensors include

    Humidity and Temperature
    Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (High-Accuracy & Mini)

    Air Quality
    Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3

    Raspberry PI GPS Module - Hats & Plates - Seeed Studio

    Im also working on a Heads Up Display System to display the info in real time, but i'm still working on the design details...
    Projector display on the visor would be nice but with the distance between eyes and the visor, a projector may be problematic. Another option would be a home-brew google glass setup integrated in the helmet. The objective is a suit that has some of the more realistic features that the suits in the lore are capable of (magnetic clips to hold prop weapons to the suit, GPS and Comms, under suit Climate control via peltier cooler and liquid filled tubes running through out)

    This thread will be used to log my progress.
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    Any progress in this? Or has it been shelved.

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