3D printed mkVI build (Citruspers)


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Hi everyone,

I'm Citruspers from The Netherlands, 31 years old and been a Halo fan for a long time (I'm no stranger to hauling CRT TV's for a system link LAN party, lol). I've obviously played the games and have read most of the books. Favourite game is a toss-up between Halo 3 (finale) and Reach (storytelling/presentation), favourite books are probably the Karen Traviss series.

I've been dabbling with making a Mjolnir costume for years now, starting out years ago with a paper/pepakura model and a massive amount of filler putty. After that, the project had been on ice for a few years until the Halo TV show came around. Disregarding the flaws, their depiction of spartan armor got the itch going again and I found myself low-key 3D printing some parts of Moe Sizzlac's mkVI armor set.

Then Castlefest came around again (finally!) where I walked around in my first (and last-minute) Skyrim cosplay and the reactions I got really motivated me to pursue my Mjolnir armor further.

So that's where I'm at now, my printer (a Voron 2.4 300mm) is busy cranking out more parts as I type this. I'll update this post to become a proper build log, but for now I'm excited to join the community, have a chat and share experiences. :)


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Hello Dutch neighbor! Great to see our European 405th getting bigger. Looking forward to progress on your Mjolnir.
Glad you got to start making it. Sometimes gotta wait for that perfect time :D
Thanks Reclaimara! You're from The Netherlands as well then? If yes, I'll probably ask you some questions about suppliers if that's alright :)


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Oh no I live in Germany currently but I'm like 30min away from Netherlands so we kinda are neighbors.

Ah I see! That's indeed pretty close though :)

I'm getting somewhere with the armor now!
Mjolnir WIP.jpg

Right now I'm thinking about adding buckles to the areas marked in red, seems like the easiest solution for getting the armor on and off? Possibly with some magnets to keep things aligned properly.
armor cuts.jpg

Open to suggestions though!

EDIT: maybe some criss-cross shock cord in the center at the back to allow for some flex when putting the armor on...
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Well, we're getting somewhere!
I applied a coat of polyester varnish on the armor which definitely helped get rid of some (most?) layer lines, though I probably should have filled the gaps first...oh well. Time to let the first coat of primer dry and then it's filling and sanding time....hopefully the polyester coat won't give me too many problems :D


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Well, the answer is definitely: gap fill first, varnish later. It kind of gums up when sanding, so not ideal. Lesson learned I suppose, but I'll try to work around it for now :)


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My FDM printer is being a bit difficult at the moment, so I figured I'd experiment a bit with helmet detailing.

I have some transparent UV resin for my MSLA printer and a pretty good technique for getting transparent prints out of it, so I designed a couple of lenses for the mkVI helmet :)

Smooth on the left, ridged "wideangle diffuser" on the right:

lenses mounted.jpg

Lenses mounted lit.jpg

I know the wideangle lens detailing isn't really canon (I think they're clear or perhaps very lightly frosted in-game), but imho it looks pretty neat. I'm still perfecting my technique and trying to think of different designs, but once I get everything in order I'll see if I can upload them somewhere.

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