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Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Art Andrews, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Jme


    Is there a fix for using the new forum in Tapatalk? When I try to load the forum I just get the 343i Guilty Spark message....
  2. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    The short answer is no there isn't. The reason for this is that the move to the new platform means you don't need to use Tapatalk or like software to properly view the forum on a mobile device any longer.
  3. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    My first reaction was very similar to this. Colors, positioning, a lot of the aesthetics looked dated. I know that is terrible news for something that you've worked so hard on and for so long. But, it doesn't get better if people don't give their inputs. Right now I don't have exact suggestions, but I wanted to second this idea. I have always steered away from forums because most give me a headache, so much content and so hard to read. But, the old 405th had that je ne sais quoi that kept me around, it got me to want to look at more content. I believe we will find it again, but it will take some tweaking. Simple stuff, I'd imagine, like font color/type/size changes can make a huge difference. It already looks a lot better than day one, I really like the widening. The rest of it we will get use to. But, we should never forget what it is like to be a new member, how everything we can do to make their learning (and ours) easier is worth it.

    I hope this didn't come out to be too negative because I think you have done a great job Art Andrews and team! Thank you!

    *edit- I only read the first page of comments, I didn't see the other pages, sorry. Could be something to make a little more obvious instead a white button with a light grey outline on a white background. :)
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  4. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    What FANGS said... adding to that, we are trying to get our account removed from Tapatalk now that we are more mobile friendly to limit the confusion.
  5. StayFrosty


    Would it be possible to put the old regiment graphics next to the text, and then have the banner be a similar color to that regiment's color scheme? If you got rid of the gradient and did that it would look really nice, almost as good as the badge-only layout. Are there any plans to put some kind of repeating pattern in the borders like the RPF has? Just doing that would add a lot to the overall aesthetic, and make it look less like an empty abyss.
  6. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    We are continuing to work on the regiment banners, but I can tell you now that it won't be the individual regiment logos and/or colors. You have to keep in mind that we are working with 14px of height and it is REALLY hard to make even the most simple graphic look good at that size. It will likely be a simplified UNSC eagle crest and nothing more beside the regiment name. Anything more complicated will get dicey.

    We have purposefully tried to move away from that type of look to a more simple and clean look, but I am not necessarily saying no.
  7. StayFrosty


    Oh ok, the regiment thing makes sense. A repeating design for a background would look really nice though, or maybe even just making it grey instead of black.
  8. Sierra 107

    Sierra 107 Membership Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Doing some further looking at the site. I swear I'm trying to be helpful!
    • Is there to be a home page? Because currently, the home page hyperlink redirects to the main /forums/ area. Just something I noticed.
    • RSS feeds - how important are they? The orange colour detracts from the present 405th colour pattern, additionally, maybe I just haven't used RSS before, but it seems a little broken. It doesn't allow you to view additional pages, just the first few posts of a sub-forum, as well as it not displaying the username of the person's thread.
    • This portion of the navigation bar should be gray to fit with the top parts of the nav-bar, similar to the former nav-bar of the 2015 site. forum settings.PNG
    • The bottom of the page is missing the message that we operate with respect to Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules". The community guidelines hyperlink is also missing.
    • The Facebook 'like' link pushes you to like '405th HALO Cosplay and Prop Maker Community' and not the official 405th Facebook page. Seen here. sharing.PNG
    • The 'Tweet' option pushes this message to tweet out, which doesn't actually fit any kind of 'recruitment'/"visit our site" message. More like some kind of bot saying random words and a url.
    • However, Google+ does work as intended! So that's a plus.
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  9. foxleader


    I morn the lost of my father for about a year and come back to this. now I know what the arbiter was thinking when he met with the light bud for the first time; and to think I had just got used to the old system, back to the drawing board, so if some one can point me to the welcome noob forum so I can read up on how to use this new site. quick little joke I'd like to make. "we're updating our phone again so those of you in line for the I phone 6 please go across the street to get the new I phone 7."
  10. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Foxleader. The core functionality of the Forum has not changed. All the Forum sections are still where they were before.

    The file archive is temporaily down as it is worked to be rebuilt on the new Forum architecture, but will be back up soon very much similar to how it was before.

    The vast majority of the changes and upgrades are visual and behind the scenes architecture changes to make the Forum run smoother and more reliably on a variety of platforms, mobile, desktop, and tablet seamlessly.

    My condolences on you loss, and if you do need specific instructions on any feature you are unclear of, we would be more than happy to help you. Also, if you have any specific feedback on changes that could realistically be made to make your experience better, I feel that Art has demonstrated he is always open to constructive, specific, feedback.
  11. Jme


    Thanks Art and Fangs. Now that I have opened the site on my mobile, I see what you have done.

    Now I just have to bookmark!
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  12. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    We have ALWAYS hated forcing you to use a third party app to access the site and it was a big motivator to move to this platform.
  13. StayFrosty


    Do you plan to remove the old site? If you google some kind of build, lots of times it pops up with a thread from the old site that can't be viewed, and this might get confusing for some people.
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  14. Jme


    I have always quite liked Tapatalk. I find it very user friendly and I like being able to switch back and forth between forums.

    That being said, I completely understand why you have gone to a self-contained site.

    The new format is much more conducive to using mobile devices (really the only way I access forums).

    The only problem that I am having is seeing photos in threads (sometimes). Depending on how the person has uploaded the photo you may have to open each on individually.

    Not really a big deal, just something to get used to.

    Keep up the great work!
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  15. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Yes sir. There were two reasons we moved to the /forums URL. One was due to the migration itself (very hard to migrated right back into the same root dir). The second and more important reason is that the 405th is MORE than a forum and we wanted to open the root dir to allow for a home page. We won't be able to implement that until we complete the Resource migration, but we are working on it.

    The RSS feed is working properly. The question of whether we need it or not is one I looked into several years ago and the answer was "yes" at the time, but it is certainly something we can look into again.

    Let me look into this. I see your point, but let me see what else that effects.

    Added the Copyright text. Community Link is going to take a bit more work.

    Will check these two. Thank you for the testing and feedback! This is super helpful!
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  16. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Yup. The minute we have the move of the Resources complete the old site will be taken down. It will take at least 90 days for Google to deindex/reindex us, so there will definitely be a bit of a transition on this from the search side.
  17. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Thanks for letting me know. I am not sure that is something we will be able to address... as you said, depending on how the images were uploaded... BUT we have been doing a lot of work with images and maybe that can be addressed as well!
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  18. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Just a note to ALL of you;

    Thank you for your support, patience, and testing/reporting. We are not even a week in and things are already shaping up quite nicely, largely to your input. I have done countless migrations over the past year (and for those of you who have been here for more than 5 years, you have endured a few yourself), and they are ALWAYS painful, but this has been one of the smoothest I have been a part of and a lot of that is because of you!
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  19. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Community Guidelines link added.
  20. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    RSS icons removed from nodelist.
  21. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Regarding the Facebook like link, that is not a "visit out official FB page link" although we should probably get those up. It is simply a link to like the nodelist page, much like there is a link at the bottom of every page to like the page.
  22. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Regarding the sub-navbar, it is actually a part of the page below it, not a part of the Navigation bar above. That might seem a bit confusing but the sub-navbar applies to the page you are on... it doesn't move you from section to section like the navigation bar does. This is why it is more inline with the color of the content below it.
  23. Crimmson


    Art Andrews, do the pm's or conversations have a set limit on the editing side of it, after you posted it? I tried updating a link in one and it would not let me after i edited twice for spelling. I went back to the message after i re-logged in and the edit button is gone.

    Edit: also is a back to top button active in mobile? I cant seem to find it. Thank you
  24. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    There is a 5 minute window to edit a conversation (PM). This is allowed for exact situations like you ran into.

    There is not a top, home or rss button on mobile although the quick-nav link is at the bottom of the page... not quite the same, but it is there.
  25. mblackwell1002


    for inputting messages (text box), could we have the outline just a tad bit darker? it's a little hard to see, and when you start threads, it's hard to tell where you type. (did my wording make sense?)

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