[405Th Novel] Spartans Never Die...

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by SpartanSRS, Apr 23, 2009.


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  1. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    Story updated today, may plan on updating more tommorow depending on homework..
  2. Shade88

    Shade88 Well-Known Member

    Is Robert dead? ( Sorry a little slow here. )
  3. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    Nope none of the characters have died beside A'vent Matri. I have not added every single spartan because I got lazy while writing.. :lol:
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  4. charles

    charles Jr Member

    i was just kidding around :D i just enjoy epicness oh and i wanted to join but i guess i didn't get accepted or somthing? o_O cuz i didn't see my name up there but i don't mind just wondering what was up :)
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  5. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    Sorry, I'm just in a bit of a rush of sorts.. More characters will appear throughout this novel. Just wait for your turn and you will pop up somewhere in the story =]
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  6. Shade88

    Shade88 Well-Known Member

    Oh good, I see. Robert is still alive!!! :D
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  7. bigd92

    bigd92 New Member

    um holy .... eight spartan laser?!!!

    one spartan laser is about same price as three worthogs.... X8.... 24worthhogs?!!!!! :lol:
  8. Syphon

    Syphon Member

    double your warthogs, double your fun, bring 24 of them, and you'll get stuff done :lol:
  9. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    Yes they all had Spartan Lasers >:D, Shoop Da Whoop!~ I'm going to update again soon. Hope you guys enjoy!
  10. animemannn

    animemannn Member

    refresh page.....it was on like the 3 noob fourm page.....REFRESH!!!!F5LOL
  11. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    Sorry guys... the past few weeks have had slow updates because of school and musical concerts etc. I may update tommorow if I have the time. Currently I'm just neck up with homework..
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  12. animemannn

    animemannn Member

    pressing the f5 botton the fist time in like....foever....
  13. Smeagle

    Smeagle New Member

    Hey i have been following your story for ages and i would be houner if you would add me

    Rank: Captain Grade 3
    Gender: Male
    Name: Carmine
    Occupation: Spartan 3
    Armor Variant: Security full

    If you decide for no spartan 3 than

    Rank: A.I
    Gender: Female
    Name: Conquest
    Occupation: A.I
  14. aaronjs

    aaronjs Jr Member

    sorry classified but i think you missed regerstration :(
  15. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    Had no idea that people still looked at my story... Wow I should update this soon.. Sorry for being inactive for so long you guys.. It's just that finals are starting soon and the information is a little overwhelming.
  16. 1 shot 1 kill

    1 shot 1 kill Jr Member

    ya they are i am having them all week but i love this story done a good gob there sartanSRS
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  17. spaz47

    spaz47 Jr Member

    I keep checking up and theres no updates. I know what you mean by exams are coming up mine are thursday then I am exempt for the rest. 09
  18. Smeagle

    Smeagle New Member

    what a shame i was hoping i was going to be part of this awsome book :cry:
  19. animemannn

    animemannn Member

  20. Loves hina

    Loves hina Jr Member

    If theres still some spots open id like to be an elite
    Rank:Captain grade 3
    Name: Dont know any elite-like names
    Occupation: Elite of some kind
    Armor Perm: Is there really only ones for spartans, becuase the ascetic armor is amazing.
  21. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    Hahaha what do you mean refresh?
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  22. animemannn

    animemannn Member

    yaa. just trin to keep this alive (lol portal)
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  23. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    And... IT'S BEEN UPDATED! A little bit, don't worry more action is on its way.. and Chapter 5 is still going crazy!!!! :lol:
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  24. xX WormBoy Xx

    xX WormBoy Xx New Member

    I know registration is done, but if you want me to, i could probably make this into a book (on a small scale) or if somebody knows a publisher in real life, this should be published.
    It's a great story, and if you ever need more spots open then i'll be

    Rank: Seargent

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Marine

    Infintry division: (If possible) Division 249

    Weapons: BR55, lots of frag grenades

    Name: Daniel (my name in real life)

    Specializes: Cover fire, Tatctics, and grenade placement

    Dog tag/personal id: X99
  25. animemannn

    animemannn Member

    yaaay story update. not this wekend but next weekend iam going to work on the art for da book.

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