405th... promotional stuff

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Forging the Hammer.

Building our Community.

Edit added: Soul of Iron, Armor of Steel

Thunder from Lightning

I love the pic BTW
"Dont try this at home, Polyurethane resin suite's are higly flamable!" lol o.j


Forgeing the future?

Nice pic too! :p
AoBfrost said:
Sean's quote

"Armor before attitude"

Such as the chief making his armor in the photo......
That's what I was thinking. All of these are great, I like the fordgeing ones too. :)

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THAT is the quintessential poster for this community! Great pic, Adam! :D

Add one of the above phrases with it, and it's perfect... :cool:
I did a quick comp of an idea of what you could possibly do. Sorry mag, you had I go idea, so I stole it :D And sorry for manipulating the photo.

One thing on type faces:
San-serifs are more modern/futuristic/trendy (san serif means it doesn't have the little tabby edges or rounded corners) these are typically more masculine
Serif fonts are conservative (think Times Roman) and often more feminine

I have no clue the "look" or "mood" you're going for, though I'd lean towards a cleaner san-serif font. Like an Arial black or Helevetica. Check out dafont.com for free fonts. No pop-ups there.
-let's make something together
-All armor, all the time

now for my joke one
-GAAAAH, I don't know how to use this, it's glowing!!! WTF!!!?
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