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  1. bigjohn9397

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    I use 3ds Max with ImportActorX. I import the PSK models into 3ds Max with the ImportActorX, and I single out the part I want, then I export it into an .OBJ file.
  2. Xavior217

    Xavior217 New Member

    are these programs free? how do you rip files from a video game?
  3. bigjohn9397

    bigjohn9397 Jr Member

    No 3ds Max is not free, and as far as ripping the models, I cannot tell you here on the thread, because doing so could get the website in trouble and I don't want to do that.
  4. jedi tomray

    jedi tomray New Member

    Hay bigjohn9397 you wouldn't happen to have the arm gauntlet file and boots file for the onyx guard I really need them to finish my armor
  5. ToOniX

    ToOniX New Member

    Hello some one have the anthony carmine files please!!!
  6. 3080

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  7. syke24

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    hey everyone, im new and I'm working on a clayton carmine build. I'm nearly done with the helmet and I have the other armor files ready go. I've been looking at all the other projects everyone has been doing and they rock. I hope my stuff comes out somewhat as awesome. I'll post some pictures as I go
  8. 3080

    3080 New Member

    Cool! I hope it comes out good! I can't wait to see. I love pictures.
  9. Iron Monger

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    Hey everyone. It's been ages. I guess I just lost interest after the virus/reboots etc. But I will be working on a Master Chief Variant for October, so where better to visit than 405th. Syke. I wish you all the best for the carmine build. Feel free to reference any material I have. I hope some of my pics can help. I still hope to don my suit at later conventions and represent the Carmine that lived! All the best.
    Me at Cosplay Evolved 2012 Eb Expo (Second Place!)
    Gears of War Judgement community night with lead level designer Jim Brown.
    Eb Expo Derp Reporter (just kidding nice bloke!)
  10. Willis

    Willis New Member

    Are these files for making foam armor or are they for standard pep crafting?
  11. papaneitor


    so, a question, exist files of the weapons? or just all are deleted? only i can get the onyx guard, but the rest of the weapons or armours nothing
  12. Cheezmo619

    Cheezmo619 New Member

    Working on the Gnasher. I downloaded quite a few files a few years ago. I still have them. I'm not on here to often so if you guys want them just let me know. You can reach me on twitter @PadrickSalton

    FourKILLMASTER New Member

    Sorry I don't have a twitter but I would appreciate it if you could pm me a download link to the files.
  14. Dracosfire83


    Please check the date before posting. Also he has not been on the site since before Christmas.

    FourKILLMASTER New Member

    Your point being? Your the one posting irrelevant bs while I'm trying to obtain quite possibly the last known source of any of these files so unless you can help out get out of this thread. Just a side note but once I have the files I will be reuploading them for everyone.

    First file found is the standard COG Gear Helmet & Armor located on this page for anyone interested along with the lancer, gnasher, and snub.

    Heroes Workshop Costume Building Tutorials

    Anthony Carmines Helmet

    carmine helmet by agbates(mks81 unfold) - Download - 4shared

    I found the mother-load Marcus, Anya, Onyx Guard, Ben/Anthony/Clay Carmine, Prescot, Dizzy, Baird, Dom, Onyx Guard. Not every file is unfolded but for the most part what you need is there.

    Gears of War 3 Pep Files - Download - 4shared

    Gears of War 3 Hammerburst

    gow3-hammerburst - Download - 4shared

    More weapons/grenades

    Weapons - Download - 4shared
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  16. Dracosfire83


    My point being we have rules and you are Necroposting. As for the files your looking for they are not that hard to find if you would ask in the right place and politely I would of sent them since I liked GOW and ripped the models from all games including GOW4.
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  17. TurboCharizard

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    Frakkin' zing buddy.

    This is quite the motherlode of files, thanks for the find good sir.
  18. sparkydog101

    sparkydog101 New Member

    Do you still have the ripped files? I have been looking for a file on longshot for the past couple days and it seems like none exist anymore, if you could send me all the files i would be extremely appreciative because my friend and i are thinking about making some GOW costumes.
  19. bigjohn9397

    bigjohn9397 Jr Member

    I'd love to help a lot of you, but my 4shared library got flagged awhile back and I lost all the GoW files I had on my computer.
  20. arclight12t67

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