Advice needed for painting a hexagonal camouflage pattern

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In terms of a paintjob for my ODST build, something I was considering doing that I wanted to get some input on was painting a hex camouflage pattern, inspired by Arma 3's CSAT faction's obsession with hexagons. The image below is a close-up of the infantry uniforms' camo pattern.


Now I'm not going to paint something that detailed though - that would absolutely destroy me and would probably turn out looking like poop anyway. Instead, I was looking to their weapons and vehicles (which also have hex camo patterns, but larger hexagons) for inspiration, since it still looks cool and the larger shapes would, in theory, make it easier to paint, would it not?



What I'm ultimately asking for here is advice on what the best way to paint such a pattern would be. I've seen a few videos showing hexagonal patterns, but the issue there is that those are distinctly one-color honeycomb patterns with noticeable spacing between each hex. With so many veteran costumers and painters around here, I was curious if anyone would have enough experience (not necessarily with this exact paint scheme) to be able to get me on the path to doing this - the main thing I need advice on would be how to design the pattern and apply that to printed and primed pieces before painting.

As an aside, does anyone have any paint recommendations (Rust-Oleum or anything else suitable for this type of thing) for the three colors used on the rifle pictured above? That's the color scheme I would go for.

(Also, with my inexperience with forums and the ambiguity of this particular layout in mind, I'm also hoping/assuming that this is the correct place to ask, since I did a search before writing this. and I saw a few other paint-focused threads in this section of the forum. If I'm wrong and it's not the right place, I apologize; feel free to move it to wherever it needs to be, staff.)
I recommend using a bit better of a paint, I mainly use krylon fusion and rustoleum universal. As for the colors you have there I'd recommend Krylon Fusion in Satin Khaki, Matte Coffee Bean, and Matte Spanish Moss. I've used all these colors and they turn out great! Make sure you use a respirator!
I've never had to use them with acrylic but I paint a lot of hexes in watercolor. I have a stencil with several hex sizes. using the stencil makes them easily uniform.
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