America's Army

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And all the propaganda that a person could have :p

Also I couldnt get past the training, it kept saying I wasnt climbing down a rope correctly, possibly a glitch
Another one here that never got through training. I had made caramel popcorn to eat while I played my shootan gaems but I got halfway through training and ran out. So I left to make more popcorn because it was delicious. I noticed my sister watching Finding Nemo in the living room so I watched with her instead. True story; happened to a friend of a friend or mine. That second friend being me.

But what I played of it was pretty good. I just didn't have the patience for training, I guess.
I have it on my girlfriends rig. I tried to get past training but couldn't get enough points to pass the Urban Combat training. I'll see if I can get on later today.
Lol ive played this game since Beta...... its great.... Insurgent camp, Urban assualt and bridge crossing are best maps on there :) <-- 72 honor Wo0T!!!!!! This game is highly recomended
Americas Army will be coming to arcades this spring. I saw the arcade version of this game at the IAAPA arcade trade show a few weeks ago.

Not my cup o' tea, but I figured I'd pass it on to you guys.
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