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Well technically it’s because the name Anime was made in Japan, to describe a cartoon from that region, but I understand why weebs hate it being used for anything out of japan because simply put, other regions have their own names for cartoons.

It’s a cultural thing for the Japanese aswell.

Me being from asian ethinicity, recognize that alot of my people don’t like it when another country or race impersonates something from their own country.

Example is a foreign person makes some basic rice and fish meal, but calls it Japanese cuisine despite it not actually being Japanese. It just grinds their gears.

I think it’s more of a respect issue, you just don’t apply names to something that has no relation to the country of origin.

As for weebs however, there’s some irony in being a weeb. To dishone your own culture for Japanese cultural is a taboo on its own and makes you not part of Japanese culture.

They have hogh respect for their heritage, and to throw it away for some foreign culture is greatly looked down upon.
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LOL. Don't let any Weebs hear you say that.
To a Weeb if its not made in Japan then its not an Anime.

hey its my way of separating the good stuff and the bad just out right bad stuff. like family guy, bobs burgers, Simpsons, and most of what's on cartoon network is cartoons, now toonmai, chruchyroll, and anime network, and a few other sites I check up on are not hard core anime either, Lucy is a German anime/cartoon a dead pool R anime but it's still a kick ass show.

and then theirs France... lady bug & car noirr... take a year to do one episode for the show and its a cartoon a much better cartoon then some of the things I've watched

needless to say cartoon or anime the weebs don't scare me because in the end i'll just tell them that I stand with TFS who fixed dragon ball z's time line in a way funamtion couldn't.
Me being from asian ethinicity, recognize that alot of my people don’t like it when another country or race impersonates something from their own country.

Yeah! Like when Americans put Canadian flags and maple leafs on their luggage when on vacation so that people treat them better.
Well I watch quite a lot of Anime, but my favourite ones are:
  • Sword art online (all 3 seasons)
  • Full metal alchemist + brotherhood
  • Haikyuu
  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • Naruto
  • Akagami no shirayuki hime
  • And many more :D
I also like Marvel especially the Thor movie and movies like edge of tomorrow. Naturaly also all existing halo movies.
Okay, so I haven’t seen a few suggestions so here we go all us anime lovers! (It’s going to get real retro, and just a short list of staples)
Ground rules: I’ll try to stay away from obvious/super popular ones that everyone knows (dbz, mobile suit gundam, inuyasha etc.) with a good spread of genres and of coarse no repeats if possible.

-Blue Exorcist

-Trigun (I’d recommend the movie but show for context)

-Witchblade (haven’t heard good things about the live action version but since when is that ever a good idea)

-the //.Hack series

-Ah My Goddess!/Oh My Goddess!

-Black Butler

-Castlevania (yes, it’s beautiful)

-Ghost in the Shell

-Death Note

-Patlabor (might have to check that spelling)

-Love Hina

-Mahou sensei negima!

literally ANYTHING from studio Ghibli
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