Another noob enters the fray..


Woah!!! Seeing you go from starting with that one too-good-to-be-a-noob helmet to having a full suit is just awesome. So.... What are ya gonna build next? :D


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Some one find my jaw! it fell when i saw the helmet and i lost it when i saw the rest of the suit


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Thanks again guys.

I'm really indecisive about where I'm headed next, I have so many wants it's hard to settle on one thing.
I'd like to do something smaller as a personal item..I was thinking about maybe a styrene based Pelican with lights, engines and RC wings. I also want to try to do a cast of my helmet..not really for any other reason than to try my hand at maybe get two or three pulls from a cheap homemade mold. But mostly I want to switch to foam and also take a step away from Halo. Halo (up to 3) was a massively cool I feel it's been ruined by 343i. I know a lot of people will disagree, but that's just my pov.
An easily accessible build (due to other builders and file availability) is War Machine (Iron Man 2 movie style). I'm very tempted to have a go at that.
The only other things that have caught my attention is Destiny (duh), Titanfall (a scaled down Titan would be awesome) and a few odd props here and there, but I don't really like making props (don't have the talent) so I'll stick with armour/suits for now.

Told you I was indecisive :D