Another noob enters the fray..


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Wow. I haven't been on here for a long time for various reasons and now I know the thread and site are back up and running I'll get this up to date as a lot has happened since I last posted.

Thanks everybody for the replies - feedback is always appreciated :D


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Wow this is righteous! I cant believe i have missed it up to now. More pics please! lol


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Because I'm lazy I'm gonna say if you want to see this build in more detail go check out my Facebook page as it's a lot more in depth, so I'm just gonna put a bunch of pics up here of the parts I've finished and have decent pics of....enjoy.









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And that's pretty much where I am.

All I have left to do is finish one shin and one boot..the shin is currently fill, sand, prime, sand, fill...
the boot needs some expanding foam...should get this finished up in the next couple of weeks.



Looks fantastic!! I can't wait to see all the EPICNESS that's gonna go down when you wear it around once it's done.


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Hey Rachel
Little bit more work to do (as you probably know) but not too much...waiting for supplies really.

And I REALLY need someone to take pics...Ideally I would clone myself - have me in the suit being all epic and another me to take footage and talk to people :D


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I hope my helmet turns out as well as yours did! I don't have numbers either only because for some reason the printer wouldn't print the lines otherwise. Your armor looks amazing though! I love the battle damage as well as the slot in the back of the helmet for Cortanas Chip! I'll try to make my first time as good if not better than yours!


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There are many words that may describe you....Talented, Artistic, a great eye but NOOB is definitely not one of them. A superb build and love the little touches you added to give it more detail. Very very clever. I doff my cap to you sir :)