Another Spartan Is Born

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Finished my armor just in time for Halloween. I had to cut alot of corners (not fiberglassing the inside on some pieces and no bondo work at all) but I think it turned out ok. After Halloween I plan on making a second set of armor that I will be taking my time on and doing the very best work I can on it. But until then I get to enjoy this one. Some of the pieces are alittle big still (shin pieces are a little long I cant wear the boots)but ill fix that on the next set.
The Sharpie detailing actually doesn't look half bad!

Keep up the good work!


PS: It's spelt "Spartan" :p
Looks good. I agree with Doom, sharpie detailing is nice. Any detailing is better than none.
It could use something to cover your neck, though. Other than that, nice job!
The mall here is having a huge Halloween night where kids can go trick or treating and there are also gonna be costume contests and things like that. I might just hang out in gamestop all night. lol
wow. excellent armour. i really like the sharpie detailing, it gives the armour a sharp(ie), clean look to it, kinda like as if it is brand new. again i say, excellent
Thanks I really wanted to do the detail with the paint and the bondo but like I said I just didnt have the time. But the sharpie turned out alot better that I thought it would. I still have to work out some kinks in it tonight. I cant wait to start on my next set. Its gonna turn out so much better.
looks good really looks close to mine........

a little too close.........

jk but good job i just suggest the neck be covered
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