Another week!


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What a week! I accomplished something today though. I finished the cutting on my ODST suit. But kind of scratching my head as I'm just trying to understand how to merge things like the shins together let alone slipping them on. As I was messing around with the two halves I noticed they go on some fairly skinny legs. My legs I wouldn't say are fat nor skinny, they're big though. I mean I had to have custom boots made for my jedi cosplay last year but some years back I could get normal boots for 13 I think I'm 18.

Anyways, the cutting is pretty much done, I got to sand the edges and refine them a bit, and make some repairs to one of the legs. After that it'll be merging some parts together which I'll probably need assistance on cause they'll have to be adjusted for my build. The trick behind that is getting someone to help, never easy.

I still got all of December and January to go before Wizard World which is when i want to debut my suit. Crossing my fingers.