Armor Display


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Built a DFT ODST suit last year around this time, and after wearing it a few times it sat in a box for most of the year. Just coming back from Dragon Con and a local convention, decided I wanted to have it on display in my house, so I worked up a PVC Pipe skeleton, wrapped it with some filler foam to give it some shape, dressed it, and then affixed my armor to it. Now I have what my wife affectionately refers to as our Halo Scarecrow. Just wanted to share :)


Sean Anwalt

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Nice! That paint job is really cool, too! For a brief moment I thought that scar on the center of the ab plate was a referral to star trek.


Neat! I got a store mannequin to mount up my War Machine Mark 1. Dressed it in a spare black jumpsuit, armoured it up and now I have it on display in my room

Wish I had enough space to display Emile in a similar fashion though haha