armor or ipod-touch???

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It depends. What type and how good the armor is. If you like music or armor more. Whats better for you. which will you use more. I would personally like a nice full set of westerfields or Adams stuff. But i cant afford either. Even if i could it would be westerfields since its cheaper. But if i had the money to buy from Adam i would. Just like darkes armor for sale. If i had money it would have already been sold. But thats just because i already have any iphone. :p
I agree with Ostrich. Buy an iPod and make ur own armour. all the tutorials u'll need are on this site and it feels a lot better when u make ur own armour. That way u have both. If u get good enough with armour making u could prob put a little slot in it for ur iPod ;)
make some armor with built in speakers so when u get ur ipod just add ur ipod to it and u got a mobile sound system im working on adding some speakers to mine right now.
i mean i got parts of armor and want to know wether or not to get armor or i-pod.. OMG never mind i'll get the armor i think o damn cristmas presents are hard to pick :0
Depends, when will you use your armor everyday, when will you use your ipod touch everyday.

Youwill use your ipod 100 times more than your armor, your armor maybe 5-6 times a year you will use it, your ipod, endless ammounts of time. Armor is good, but compared to a ipod, and for christmas..I'd go with the pod.
I would have to say the Ipod.
I dont own either, and flat out dont really like ipods all that much and much more biased toward the armour I would have to agree with frost. The usability of the touch is far better than the bloody armour and even though you wont be all flashy and everything. Youll have a more enjoyable time walking around your daily life with the touch.
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