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Cameron Dozier

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Hello 405th. I am brand new here. I am a filmmaker from the Los Angeles area, and I am absolutely blown away by the talent in this forum. I can't believe my eyes with some of these costumes you all have made.

I am producing/directing a music video next February for a popular electronic music group. I received special permission from them to make an official video, as long as I fund it myself. I really just want to see this come together, as I have been dying to get some of these ideas out of my head for almost a decade. I will be bringing to life a beloved character of mine for the first time on screen.

This video is not being made to be sold or something, more so that I can prove my ability to create stunning sequences of sci fi action, and so the musicians can pass it around and have it gain a following. Hopefully I can use it to convince some investor to invest in a feature film about the character I mentioned above.

I have a detailed concept design of the suit that this character, "K," wears, and I need someone talented to build it. I have a costume budget for this, it's a low budget job so it's not the budget that Rob Bottin had when he made the suit for Robocop lol, but it should work.

I have been speaking with various cosplayers and costume designers, and I thought I would come in here and see if anyone is interested in working in cinema as a costume designer. Or even someone that just wants an amazing suit they made to be immortalized in a cinematic piece. I see that Cosplayers love to have their work photographed, and this video will take that an extra step and put K's costume in an impressive sci fi world on screen, to be truly immortalized.

Distance isn't a dealbreaker. I don't need someone in Los Angeles necessarily. A lot of the time a costume is designed, built to specific size, fitted on a double and shipped to a production for the actual shoot. Pretty common actually.

Please respond to this thread or PM me if you want to chat a bit about the project. Please include a link to your work, and thanks for reading everyone!
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