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Back in the saddle!

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Spartan55, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Spartan55


    For those who don't know why I'm x
    Saying "back in the saddle" that would be because I had to leave the my costume to sit for last half of last year and up until now ,because of personal reasons, but now I'm back and ready to get this costume done
    WAIT..... I almost forgot to introduce my new assistant...... BoB...... Well I can't seem to find Bob at the moment but I get a picture of him soon
    OK back on track so I'm going to do Felix from rvb but as super nova is next weekend and all I have is my helmet.... I have two choices
    1 not sleep or go to school and work on my costume nonstop
    2 do club Felix with his helmet on
    Considering my parents would kill me if I did 1 I think I might go club Felix
    So yeah I will have more updates soon for now here's my helmet
  2. Spartan55


    I forgot to do a picture dump of the stuff I been doing in my absence (cosplay related)
    1) is when I cooked my mum breakfest for mothers day...... Just kidding I'm not allowed to cook after that one time I almost set the house on fire wean warming up a bun
    2) photos from wean I helped out with the star light foundation fundraiseing i below up balloons and used the balloon pump to blow air into iron man's face because I don't have a costume
    We ran out of places to put balloons so we put them in his armour
    this picture needs no explanaion
    Of course he decided to model the Iron Man pop
    And I finally got a photo with him in costume after knowing him for almost two years
    3) before I painted it it's proper colours I painted it purple so I could wear it to my school sports carnival..... And yes I couldn't see but the visor was removeable
    That's all I have cosplay wise to update you on.
    Also huge thanks to my mate XX TRANCE XX (the Iron Man above) he's a hell of a guy and is my major roll model and teacher in cosplay. (I do have others he's just the biggest)
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018

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