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Hey all, I’m new to making armour and was wanting to do my first piece as the commando helmet from reach, I don’t however want to waste money or time and was wondering if it would maybe not be the smartest first choice of helmet, and if not what would be. (I’m doing it with Eva foam)
Of all the foam armour pieces the helmet is most certainly the most difficult. However, if you are patient and take your time carefully constructing it, you will most certainly be successful! When doing precise foam work (as one does when making a helmet) it's vital that you keep your knives sharp. This will help you make clean cuts, which will in turn make the helmet cleaner.

As for the choice of helmet, I don't believe the commando helmet would be exceptionally more difficult than any other reach helmet. It sounds like you've got your heart set on commando so I say go for it!
For the helmet i recommend outsourcing a printed helmet or cast resin helmet (which will be heavier) if you cant do yourself and do the entire suit of eva foam. You will be happy you did. Eva foam gets nice and warm which is terrible for your head, you will alrwady have to add fans and vents to the helmet to stop condensation like the above post said. They are very hard to make look solid and not derpy. More often then not they turn out looking ike a backwood half melted, bumF!@#$in you got a party mouth abomination.
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