Blue Team chat-prepare for the 405th!

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I dont see why theyshould meet those requirements
The whole point of the Blue Squad is a fan club for people whodont meet age requirments for other clubs like the 405th
It was Beowulfs idea I say let him lead
All in favor?

*edit*whoops ignore this post people (Tyler dissapears into nonexsistence :$ops: )
Spartan M-562 is willing to join sirs!

I made a ma5b/ma5c from cardboard and am about to paint it.

I'll be looking for materials for plastic armor (moulded) soon.

Im 14 btw
Everyone who wants to join has to send me a email that says why you want to join, and what your favorite thing about Halo is. You must also include your Username for this website. Once i send you a email back, go ahead and join our Google Group forum. All members will chat there. If you havent signed up for Google Group, then do so when you get there.
Your nickname should be the one on this website. This is all for record keeping, so bear with me.

As for questions and comments, send them to TheBlue.

My email once again is

beowulf said:
As for questions and comments, send them to TheBlue.


Yup! PM me or Click on my e-mail address button.

I'll be happy to answer any question whatsoever ;-) .

Enjoy :Steve: .

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Oh, and spread the news to everyone about Blue Team!




Long Live the Blue!!
Umm, right.

Back on topic now.

This is Blue Team, not what your armor will be.

Just making sure we stay focused here ;-)
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