Bondo hair over stacked cardboard.

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Hey, I'm starting my armor, and I'm thinking of stacking couragated cardboard, and then cutting it with xacto knives to rough shape, and then putting bondo hair, or the regular type( I think the green stuff is easier to sand?)putting that over the cardboard, and then sanding that to final shape. I have a dremel so sanding won't be that hard. I'll use the cardboard to save on bondo and weight, basically having a cardboard core, with bondo shell. I've looked at a lot of threads on here, and the fiberglass/ resin method is big, is there a big advantage to it compared to what I want to do? I've used bondo before so I know what I'm getting into, but does anyone have any suggestions?
So is the fiberglass as easy to work with? and would I be able to get the same end results as bondo? (shape)
it depends on you how ez you can work with it.....1st you'll need to brush some resin onto the cardboard then let that dry then add a layer or two of fiberglass on the backside.....heres something if you dont detail it 1st you can add a layer of glass to the front then you can add the detail in, it would be a bit ez that way
ive been using bondo hair. its a fiberglass w/ resin in it. so it litterly looks like blue globs of wet hair. i would recommend staying away from it. its hard to work with unless you are up to LOTS of sanding. the only reason i use it is because i got it for free. but its the same strength and weight cuz IT IS fiberglass.
fiberglassing is easy after some practice, do some practice stuff first then try some real stuff
as soon as I finish my calculus 3 final on wednesday I'll get started!
I just bought a bunch of fiberglass mat and resin, do you recommend a respirator right now? or just when i start sanding? I'll be doing all of this outside. Also, next fall term I'll be taking a 3d graphing engineering class, that, along with a 3d printer in the engineering building, I think I'll try to make a helmet that way. I'll be making one the regular way, but I'd like to make a perfect one :mrgreen:
always have at least some sort of mask and make sure its for fiberglassing. you can buy those clothe ones at autozone and stuff.
Thanks, I will definitely do that....don't want to be coughing up balls of fiberglass now do I? ;-)

I've changed my mind about how I'm going to make the armor, i'm doing the pepakura method, and I'll just do a lot of modding. since I want more of a halo 3 look.

To the mods: if you notice this, you can repost it into the pepakura section. :roll:
Thanks again.
Beefloaf said:
Thanks, I will definitely do that....don't want to be coughing up balls of fiberglass now do I? ;-)
Thanks again.

Dude, I would pay to see that! :p

Thanks everyone for the informative posts, Its filling up my word doc quite nicely. Now I can not complain about having any problems. (working on the armor, or buying stuff.)


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I'm fiberglassing my pepakura helmet now, its going easier than expected. I first resined it. Then i got the fiberglass cloth, i have the fiberclass mat but i didnt open it because it looked to thick. But the cloth is working great i got it from walmart. I plan on putting on 3 layers. As of now its looking great, patience is the key!
Fiberglass mat is pretty messy stuff, that leaves a kind of sloppy uneven surface.. For surface reinforcement, or anywhere you want to look nice and neat, use fiberglass cloth.
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