End of May update:

Hello, it's been a busy month for me and con crunch is just over the horizon so let's break down what all happened!

Firstly I got a visor! I reached out to the wonder BranfuhrStudios and had them hydrochrome a visor buck I had pulled by Angus314. I loved how it turned out, and it made my helmet special.

The next update is that I have gotten all of the primary colors of my armor painted and sealed! I love how everything looks together. Aside from minor bleeding, I can not recommend the Montana paint cans enough. The AR is nearly 100% painted! I want to say I nailed the Flash Fjord paint scheme while tuning the colors to fit my suit (Totally not Nerf colors). I need to fix some minor areas where the paint bleeds and add additional minor details. Then the AR can be sealed!

Lastly, I am currently in the process of making custom padding and weathering! I am using new techniques and I can not complain about the result. Instead of buying airsoft helmet pads, I bought a giant sheet of upholstery foam and some cheap polyester fabric to make my padding. I am no expert with sewing so I would appreciate any tips! With my padding, this is the most comfortable helmet I have worn. One drawback is the helmet seems to get hotter faster. I plan on ordering the fans as suggested by Emp Frosty and ArcSol to solve this issue. Weathering has been fun with the methods I have been trying out. Firstly, I ordered Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers after I saw TurboCharizard and RockLobbster give high praise on the discord. I have also been using a method of black wash I saw Major Props use on his next suit. Using mineral spirits and black acrylic paint I have gotten a black wash that has been super easy to control but also adds a lot of depth to my suit.


(The last photo is meant to compare pre-weather vs weather blue)

I do have a date to officially deploy the suit at the HCS Atlanta Major hosted by FaZe Clan. The major starts July 26th, and I am honestly shocked I will be able to attend the major in costume! Though with that being said I can't slack now so next month I will be working on finishing weathering and rigging the suit. Take care and thanks for reading!


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