Build 2 - MK-VI gen-3. With some silver timeline influence

Well daughter will look okay. (Chrome ears went on after photo. The antenna/site removes for transpo)

Car is packed.
Its a 20 min drive to the con. Then get dressed in the underground car park. Having everything spread out is not a problem and in fact is kind like a mobile dressing room. If I were flying or it was a weekend trip with the wife + luggage it would be different.
Waiting on other photos from the convention, but for now one with a couple guys from Australian Army Defense Force recruiting booth. The air force booth was actually a big hit as they brought 3 fighter sim seat for people try.

And one with a Space Marine that makes me look like child. The guy had more fans in helmet than I have in my entire suit. hahaha. On the other hand I had him beat range of motion.
Tuesday morning.
Clearly feeling my age. I swear it took Sunday and Monday to recover from pre-con and con-day. I woke up today feeling... eh... vibrant?... alive?... which made me realize how many days had passed that I didn't.

So just a word to the young... Slow and steady win the race. Here I made such a point of not going through "con crunch" ever again - and I didn't for my costume - and yet took on doing my daughter's in like 10 days. Silly man!
Wednesday morning.
First a big thanks to PlanetAlexander for his tireless efforts herding cats Spartans for photos at the convention and all the work photographing everyone! Thanks to those photos I was able to identify a couple trouble spots to fix up for next time.

The worst issue was: Me. I forgot two parts in the car and wasn't walking back 3 blocks to get them. Mind you - its a lot of fun just walking down the sidewalk and watching all the normies stare, whip out their phones and generally look of "what the f...." on their faces. Especially since Saturday was the regular street market with all the booths and such.

I can see where some of the armor under vest bunched up. It gave me some bulge where I don't have bulge and I really have plenty already and don't need more. So there is a plan for v2 of that vest, as well as v2 of the collar from a few posts back.


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Oh no! I guess that means you'll just have to go to another Con! haha

Your suit looks FANTASTIC!! You really did do a great job on it!
> Oh no! I guess that means you'll just have to go to another Con! haha

I'm lucky: There's two convention within a hour's drive spaced 6 months apart. "Brisbane" and "Gold Coast"

> Your suit looks FANTASTIC!! You really did do a great job on it!

Thanks. Truly appreciated. I'm working the next round of upgrades. ;)

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