CADET115 Foam ODST(First time)


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Alright first time working with foam but should not be to hard. My plan is to make a simple ODST from either Andrew DFT templates or the Armory templates I found. Going to start looking into it this week but school and life like to make things difficult when it comes to building costumes. Any and all help, constructive criticism, and just good vibes will be appreciated.


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Welcome CADET115....HS might get put on hold due to Coronavirus.......but army life might take over due to it as well. Its getting wacky.
Being where I live I doubt it will affect anything, I live in a small town so if it does affect us it will not happen for a while. Also for Army side, I am thankfully not a CBRN soldier so I hope I never need to don my M51 Pro mask for work. MOPP gear is a pain in the butt.


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Well I hope so......but just be safe and keep up w/ the news......also, if you have time, read Stephen King's "The Stand"......They thought it was just the flu also........

Edit** There is a Movie version but the book is better