can i use

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its missing a blade....

still, go to radio shack and get a switch, battery, 9v i guess, and some type of resistor....i dunno much about electronics. Google it, and I know ive seen some threads on how to do it. Search.
Yes, thats the kind to put into helmets.

It should say 12v DC Micro fan on it somewhere.

You can use a 9v battery with it.. without a resistor.
Ironcobra3000 said:
I'm just wondering, does it take any soldering?

Yes, Iron it would be very helpful if you could search for and find the tutorial topic I posted on making helmet fans to put into the helmet. Just use darkesword2020 as the search term, it should find it.

Then, repost it here.

Thanks mate! ;-)
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wow, that was fast. great work. I have a whole box of thses laying around, ill have to d the same.
What is the best and most logical place to install a fan?

Are fans supposed to just blow air around the helmet or do they suck out the hot air?
With all the outfits I have worn/made that incorporate fans(mascots mainly) the biggest headache was breathing the hot, stale air. The best placement for fans, that I have found, is where it allows a constant flow by the face and mouth, keeping the air fresh and the wearer happy(happier). Under the chin works, on the top of the head works well to, most of the outfits have it in that general area.

The fans are not loud enough to cause any problems when talking to people, so near the mouth would work well in a speaking role outfit. A great piece of headware to go between you and the helm is a buff. It is a nylon scarf thing that is one tube you can put on your head in many different ways. I use it personally when cycling and doing "hard hat" work but many people I know wear it under any hat that they might get hot in. It helps keep the sweat off your neck and keeps you cooler. Try it out or maybe just a bandana if the buff ain't your style. Great alternative to putting a fan behing your head.

Heh, I'm too scared to put anything electrical near my sweaty head so I just deal with the heat. Maybe someday I'll work up the courage to actually put fans in my stuff to cool me off.
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