Car Crazy visits WETA

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Car Crazy = A 1/2 hour TV show for "car guys" hosted by Barry Meguiar, scion of the family who created Meguair's Car Care products (waxes, cleaners, etc).

WETA = As if I need to tell you ... :) A special effects and costuming studio best known in the Halo world for creating a full sized replica of the Warthog, their work on some of the live action commericals, etc.

Car Crazy visits WETA = 1/2 hour of awesome! (And yes, they drive the Warthog!)

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this is awesome im glad you posted this, id have to say i would give my left testical for a
man.. i would kill for a warthog! that thing is a beauty!

I'm guessing it's actual metal that they used to make the actual warthog? Because for a while... it looked like foam.

P.S. 20 minutes =/= 1/2 hour ;) But it seemed like a half hour of goodness seing that warthog...
That was wicked...I so want a Warthog.

Santicity: that foam was a print off from the 3d printer, they were probably trying to get the shapes right before molding. I would bet dollars to donuts most of the body panels are Kevlar reinforced fiberglass. The one they built is a giant roll cage.
Thank you Roadkiller, great find. I was wondering if you could please explain what a GAAAH-RAJJJ is. LOL!
p.s. that warthog looks like a wreck waiting to happen.
It's amazing sometimes how one's interests will converge. I am a "car guy" and one of my Saturday morning routines is to have a coffee and watch Car Crazy. I was pretty excited last weekend when the commercial just before the show aired stated they were going to Weta! I'm glad it appeared on Youtube so we can all dream about our own Warthog :)
lol do they make hogs for sale?
It says on their site that they have recieved several commisions from private collectors, but due to licencing etc they can't get permission to do so.

Man how long after the earthquake did this take place, I hope they're alright.:(
I imagine it was filmed before the quake. The quake was about 300km away from Wellington where Weta Workshop is and where I am studying at uni, and while there is no damage here I did feel a small tremor at the time of the quake. The quake being 3 1/2 days ago I doubt they would not have had time to make this clip since then.
^^More info on the quake if anyone is interested. Needless to say 113 currently confirmed dead is a real tragedy and the people down there really need your help so if anyone can spare a few dollars please donate here;
It would help those effected greatly.
And last of all here is a picture of Christchurch just after the quake had occured

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Is it just me, or is every single shot of the Warthog filmed at 20 miles an hour or less? Come on, I wanna see someone open up that baby's throttle and really get her goin'.

Also, am I the only one who felt like Maguire was being kinda pretentious?
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