Cardboard working?

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Hey everybody , hope you all had a merry christmas , it was a good break , anyways , im posting this because i need a bit of help with cardboard...

Im building this shotgun ( at least i hope) and i want to start it tonight while i have a bit of time before school starts ,


you will notice in the rear of the gun , several holes on top of the gun (between the pistol grip and the magazine)
i was wondering how some of you managed to create such perfect holes in the cardboard itself , the only easy way i can imagine doing this is by drilling it with my drill press , but im not sure if that will tear the cardboard , also , i heard of bending cardboard after soaking it? does this work ? i wasnt really ready to soak my project in water just for it to fall apart , so anyways , thanks alot for all of the help... and i will have progress pics up sometime soon , cuz i got a digital camera for christmas ,( so no more holding back the photographs ;) )

EDIT* and sorry for posting this in the noob section , if somebody would be kind enough to place it in the weapons category , that would be great :)

ps , just found out thats an airsoft gun as well , but i will not buy it , im getting an M16 and pistol kit at walmart ,
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